Laser Bump: indoor or outdoor (Toulouse) Group activity


If you are a regular Laser Game player, you know how it works. For the novices: equipped with laser guns that send a signal to the opponent once you have "hit" him, the goal is obviously to hit as many competitors as possible. Usually indoors, we have chosen to operate outdoors or indoors, for a greater feeling of freedom and a greater release of energy, of course!

For yourself or as a team, choose your side:

Feeling like a lone wolf? Get ready for a merciless battle on the field, every man for himself! If you prefer to team up with your buddies, opt for the confrontation between 2 camps!

Get your weapons ready... Team up and attack:

When you put on your Laser Bump gear, you'll feel like you're in the cast of the best action blockbusters! Helmet and laser gun in place, our team will explain the game to you. So let's get started!

Rules of the game, and a referee: Go! The war is declared!

The referee starts the game and the winning team will be the one that either eliminates all the players or scores the most points at the end of the time limit by hitting the opposing players!

Rules of the game:

Every man for himself or as a team: Do you prefer to work out strategies as a team? Form 2 teams of 4 or 5 players and share the taste of victory all together. Do you want to test yourself and achieve an individual performance? That's possible too! We adapt our game rules according to the number of participants.

Several possible scenarios: The rules of the game are quite flexible. Depending on the number of players, the environment and the time needed, we have more than one string to our bow! There are several game styles, and we have many surprises in store for you! Each game will be more fun and spicy than the last.

Scoring: Game over, T-shirts are soaked... You catch your breath and take a sip of water, but there's no time for slacking off! The control centre announces the scores and names a winner. All you have to do now is celebrate this victory!

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