Murder Party where you are the hero - In Toulouse Group activity


Take part in an original Murder Party in Toulouse.

A mix of Cluedo, Escape Game and Werewolf. Ideal for your Team Building in Toulouse, your evening entertainment or your icebreaker.

Mind you, this is a real activity based on self-expression, communication and speaking up.

No crime scenes on the floor, no actors. You are the actors in your own scenario!

It's an investigation in which the players take on the role of a character in the plot (each has a sheet to read summarising their life and their involvement in the story).

The host arrives as the "Detective" and announces a murder.

We know that the culprits are among the participants.

Then begins a game of discussion, bluffing, alliances and betrayals, lasting about 1 hour 15 minutes, to find out who is guilty and discover everyone's secrets.

There is no real winner or loser. Instead, it's an immersive and unusual experience, where everyone finds themselves in someone else's shoes. And at the heart of dark stories, for the duration of the game.

2 scenarios to choose from:

- A "surprise" birthday: The Castillo family is planning a surprise birthday party for Camille Castillo's 40th birthday, with her family and close friends. The surprise is there, but not as planned (from 6 to 11 people)

- A "perfect" wedding: In the small village of Mazières-Chatelard, Elliot and Juanito are getting married. The whole village is invited, and it's going to be a glorious day - well, almost. Well... almost (from 12 to 20 people)

Location: At the venue of your choice. On your premises. At your home.

If you are a company and would like to make this activity part of a day-long seminar, we can offer you several venues. Event spaces, hotels, atypical locations where multiple corporate events take place.

Capacity: Up to 40 people by doubling the teams. (2 people per character played)

Duration: 01H15

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