Mystery Boxes - Turnkey games (location of your choice) Group activity


- 15 Mystery Boxes, all associated with different worlds: magician, croupier, cook, musician, Father Christmas, globe-trotter, archaeologist, doctor, scientist, photographer, etc.

- The employees are divided into teams of 4 to 5 people.

All teams are given a common mission.

Each team conducts the investigation, standing around one or more Mystery Boxes.

Smells, sounds, locks, codes, manipulations, hidden objects etc... the detectives have to use all their senses to get to the end of the experiment... and this before the other teams!

Cooperation and team spirit are essential to progress in the experiment and to reach the end of the adventure before the other teams.

No special equipment is required.

Available scenarios: Hacking - Police investigation - Treasure hunt

- Up to 1000 players.

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