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Companies in Nantes are lucky. The city of Nantes offers a wealth of immersive, fun experiences that are ideal for strengthening links between employees. From exciting discoveries to hilarious challenges, invite your guests to experience a unique moment of connection. Corporate activities in Nantes cover a wide range of themes and modes of participation, so there's something for every company: check out our selection!

How do you choose your corporate activities in Nantes?

Corporate activities in Nantes are varied enough to leave you spoilt for choice... But how do you go about selecting the outing or event that will bring your whole team together?

If your group shares a common affinity, you can use this as inspiration to find the ideal activity. However, even if this isn't the case, we're here to suggest some universally brilliant ideas that will get everyone on the same page.

Make it inclusive by taking into account each individual's level of mobility, and let your own vision of team building shine through. You can't go wrong!

Corporate activities in Nantes: the Whereez selection

Learn how to better manage your waste thanks to an Anti-Gaspi cooking workshop

Here's a team building idea that's sure to whet your appetite! This gourmet workshop fits in perfectly with your CSR approach and invites your employees to get their hands dirty. From an anti-gaspi aperitif to tips on how to create an entire meal without producing the slightest waste, this experience will give them all the keys they need to adopt more responsible practices in their daily lives.

Compete in challenges inspired by the famous Squid Game series

This corporate activity in Nantes takes your team into the crazy world of #SquidGame. Straight out of the series, the games on offer are both collaborative and competitive (but always in good humour)... and full of fun! 1, 2, 3... Soleil, alveolus, tug-of-war, marbles, sack races: the activities may seem simple, but the challenge is there, all in the unique atmosphere of the series.

Enjoy a life-size game of Monopoly with the Monopoville Nantes Rally

This must-have game that has lulled your childhood takes on a whole new dimension, inviting you to discover Nantes as you've never seen it before. With map in hand, you can wander the streets of the city and challenge the opposing teams while avoiding jail... and bankruptcy! This activity offers 3 different routes based on the history of Nantes: you'll never have learned so much.

Express yourself with music during a percussion workshop (Tap Tap)

Even without the slightest musical knowledge, this corporate activity in Nantes promises all your participants an experience full of joy and self-discovery. A professional percussionist is on hand to guide your guests through the lively rhythms that lie dormant within them. Together, you'll create a unique and harmonious piece of music: your very own Tap Tap Show. A unifying activity that enhances listening and concentration.

Enjoy a unique adventure in the form of an Escape Game Rally through the city

Fun and original, this adventure combines the codes of the treasure hunt and the escape game. It brings your teams together around a common mission: to explore the city in search of clues to solve a series of enigmas. Armed with a padlocked rucksack full of unexpected objects, participants lead the investigation through a series of surprising interactions.

Keep the nostalgia alive with a 90s Evening

This corporate activity in Nantes is dedicated to all Millennials! Let's go for an evening that will take you back to the atmosphere and culture of the 90s. The programme includes three games based around a cocktail party or dinner: a quiz on the cult TV shows of Generation Y, a 'The Price is Right' game on must-see films and a blind test on series and ads to remember.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air on a Scooter Rally in the Nantes vineyards

On the handlebars of your electric all-terrain scooters, set off to discover the Nantes vineyards. This original adventure lets youexplore the region's wine-growing landscapes and learn about oenology in a completely unique way. Follow the guide: you'll learn a lot about the local cultural and historical heritage.


What are the best corporate activities in Nantes?

The best corporate activities in Nantes are those that surprise and delight participants from all walks of life. Fun and unifying, these experiences cultivate the unexpected and good humour.

How do you choose the perfect corporate activity in Nantes?

Ask yourself what your objectives are: do you want to strengthen the bonds between the members of your team, learn new things, or simply have a good time together? Among the options that meet your needs, choose an activity that is compatible with your guests' level of mobility, and that's it!