Olympic Challenges - Team Building "The Southern Olympics Group activity


Team Building "Olympic Games 2024" in the south of France. From Arles to Monaco, via Nice, Cannes or Marseille, organise an unusual event for your company.

minimum 50 people. 500 people maximum.

Immerse your teams in the atmosphere of the Olympic Games by organising your company's Olympic Games.

This programme will convey strong values to your staff during your seminar in the south of France.

In the spirit of a team Olympiad, the participants will battle it out for the top of the rankings in these revisited Olympic Games.

Various challenges, from the most fun to the most sporting, are organised in rotation around 4 areas of activity. Precision, strength, strategy, logic and team spirit will all be key assets.

What is an "Olympic Games" team building event?

Above all, it's a time for sharing. It's a way of strengthening team spirit in a professional environment, but in a fun way that reflects the company's values.

If you were offered the chance to experience your own Olympic Games, to aim for the gold medal, to proudly carry the flag of the nation you will represent with your colleagues, to fight as a team... wouldn't you be up for it?

Preparing the events

To set up a concept like this, we'll need large outdoor areas.

(Indoor events are also possible, but the immersive aspect is obviously less present!)

To immerse you in the world of the PARIS 2024 Olympic Games, we have a real photocall dedicated to this programme.

Each area of activity is represented by a dedicated arch.

Teams are formed and roles are assigned.

Explanation of the rules of the game and the objectives to be achieved by the teams.

Olympic Games team building programme

Team leaders are given bibs and a route map showing how the events are set out in the 4 poles.

General briefing by the coordinator who will explain the programme.

The game is launched with the symbolic lighting of the Olympic flame.

The teams then rotate through the 4 poles:

Endurance and Coordination

Agility and Precision

Artistic and Cerebral

Fun and Interactive

The aim of each event is to develop one or more skills in the participants as a team.

Before each challenge, the supervisor will explain the objective of the event and its duration, then set out the specific rules, and will be responsible for awarding points according to the results obtained collectively.

Once all the teams have completed their tasks (assigned by drawing lots), everyone comes together.

Each nation will parade with its flag.

Then it's time to announce the results and the winning team!

Unique challenges

As this is a teambuilding event that's designed to be fun, we've incorporated a few unusual events, such as Giant Table Football, the connected bike, the JO Puzzle, the buzzer relay, etc...

Theaim: a sporting programme that's accessible to all. The day ends with a parade of each nation and a prize-giving ceremony with podium.

Location: This activity can be organised at a base in Saint-Cassien or at the Beach Club (Saint-Laurent-du-Var).

We can also set it up at any event venue with suitable outdoor space. From Arles to Monaco, via Marseille, Cannes, Nice...

Capacity: 50 to 500 pax

Duration: 2h30

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