Play structures Football (Five, foot-bowling, Tennis-Ball..) Group activity


We travel all over the region and all over France!

Inflatable football pitch, mini football pitch, football darts, football bowling, enjoy a fun and sporting experience around these original activities that can be set up and dismantled for all your events!

INFLATABLE FIELD: The inflatable football field is equipped with nets that rise up to 4 metres high, enclosing the ball in the playing area for rhythmic games without any dead time. The inflatable walls ensure safety. The inflatable football pitches are modular and several configurations are possible, ranging from 5 vs 5 to 3 vs 3.

Option: possibility to sponsor the inflatable football field with your brand.

ARENE 1vs1: Circular inflatable structure. The arena can be adapted to any type of event, indoors or outdoors.

The games are played in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 in a festive atmosphere on the stand thanks to the proximity of the public and a queue close to the game.

The rules of the game are simple and fun: 2 goals or a small bridge to win the game!

FOOT FLEET: Come and rediscover this mythical game! Aim at the centre of the target, the doubles or the triples to accumulate the maximum of points!

The 4m high target, the possibility to play on both sides simultaneously, the balls and the target equipped with velcro make this stand a complete workshop.

FOOT BOWLING: Test your skills on this fun stand. The rules are the same as in bowling: knock down all the pins to win the game!

TENNIS-BALL: Self-supporting structure with integrated net. The stand is a technical and spectacular workshop which is very successful.

From 1 to 3 players per team, tennis ball is a very friendly workshop!

SHOOTING STAND: Liven up your events with a precision shooting stand on targets and a power shooting stand!

These fun workshops allow you to evaluate the precision and strength of the players' shots. Participants can challenge themselves and evaluate their performance.

We also offer a 2 in 1 range allowing you to alternate the 2 activities.

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