Survival course in Savines-le-Lac Group activity


A survival course in the Hautes-Alpes is a unique opportunity to discover a majestic fauna and flora!

Fauna : Roe deer, wild boar, deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits, wolves...

Flora: Yarrow, plantain, wild carrots, hazel trees, fir trees, oaks, strawberry trees, raspberry trees...

And incredible landscapes: Mountains, lakes, streams, forests.

It can have several names: Boot Camp, surpassing oneself, commando course, survival course in the middle of nature...

Ideal for strengthening your teams and re-mobilising your employees, survival courses can be adapted to your profiles, from mornings based on fun workshops and small challenges, to real "commando" and "survival" days.

Some examples of the challenges are

Lighting a fire - Boiling water - Making a course with a stretcher - Making a trap - Botany test around wild flowers - Tasting test - Orientation course - Learning to tie knots

The equipment will, of course, be provided for you.

Dare! You won't regret it!

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