Theatre Improvisation Workshop - Gap and its region Group activity


Possible on your premises, anywhere in the region!

Theatre and improvisation are also excellent ways of highlighting your events and your company thanks to different forms of performance that will give an original dimension to your conferences, conventions, seminars and other official ceremonies.

Highlight your company, its values and its messages by bringing a humorous and offbeat touch to your events.

Several formats are possible:

- Restitution of debates: After a period of observation behind the scenes, the comedians intervene in a punctual way by taking up the words of the speakers to stage them in a funny way, by integrating specific terms and known situations related to your company.

In this way, they transpose or shift the subject matter to approach it from a new angle, which brings a fresh look to certain issues, as well as a breath of fresh air, a little relaxation and lightness to solemn events.

- Match, wrestling or improvisation cabaret

Interactive, dynamic and playful shows composed of a succession of sketches entirely improvised by the actors, under the guidance of a referee or a Master of Ceremony, who will impose on them the rules of the game.they will be guided by a referee or a Master of Ceremonies, who will impose categories on them (in the manner of a western for example) as well as themes, which can also be given live by the audience.

The audience will even be able to vote at the end of each improv for the team they find the most relevant!

- Tailor-made show: See the dedicated page here!

- Close-up impro: Comedians move from table to table or from small group to small group to improvise skits based on words given by your guests.

- Happenings & improvisations: Comedians play fake characters in a real context.

Services that allow:

- Bluff your guests by offering them a performance in which they get involved and become actors.

- To create even more interaction with the audience by offering them the opportunity to choose the categories or constraints of the game.

- Highlight one of your employees by inviting them to take part in an improvisation.

- Create links with your company through humorous references.

- Take inspiration from themes linked to your professional sector or any other theme.

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