Treasure hunt in Nice - Pirate's treasure Group activity


Team Building from Place Massena to the Promenade des Anglais, in search of a pirate's treasure!

Take part in a real treasure hunt in Nice, as a team, with costumed actors, riddles, quizzes and (re)discoveries of Nice's historic districts!

Concept: With the aim of instilling or consolidating cohesion within companies, we create treasure hunts accessible to all staff divided into competing teams of 5 to 7 members.

Immersed in a dynamic, scripted environment that fosters team spirit, participants become involved players tasked with completing a mission and winning.

These treasure hunts take place in the heart of the Côte d'Azur's magical capital: Nice.

Course :

Participants meet at the foot of the Apollon Fountain on Place Masséna, in the heart of the city.

After a briefing, a mysterious figure hands each team a booklet on the history of Nice, the origin of the treasure - that of a gentleman called Morgan-le-Noir, an 18th-century Nice pirate - and clues on how to find it.

The team is ready to go!

The first message had to be deciphered!

Then the adventure begins: the route is strewn with pitfalls in the form of riddles to be solved and clues to be noted.

During the hunt, players will meet one or more buccaneers, depending on the number of participants. They will be asked to answer a quiz (geography, history or general knowledge).

After the quiz, participants will receive a parchment that will enable them to continue their quest and find the treasure lair.

Of course, all this with a view of our beautiful Mediterranean!

Timing: There are 3 options for the length of the course.

Briefing. Start: In the heart of the city, Place Masséna, at the foot of the Apollo Fountain.

Duration: 2h/3h.

Service includes:

Staff present at the start, during and at the finish of the hunt.

Costumed extras.

Road book (in French or English).

Presentation of treats.

Trophies for each member of the winning team if the hunt is a big one.

History of piracy.

Explanations of the clues to be noted.

Unannounced digital photographs will be provided free of charge to participants.

On request: at the end of the game, we can add other services, for example: choice of a restaurant selected by us for its warm welcome and good food...

Aperitif in a pleasant brasserie near the end of our treasure hunt, with a view of the Mediterranean. Or any other request.


Our treasure hunts last between 2h30 and 3h.

We can organise them for as few as 7 participants. Maximum capacity 200 people.

Number of guides :

For 7 to 10 people, there is just one leader.

For larger groups, we have one or two captains and several freebooters.


I can't tell you about the treasure, as this is confidential.

There are no prizes for finding the treasure, but we do give out sweets, a trophy for each member of the winning team and 2 sheets of paper for each participant, one on the history of piracy and the other on the explanations that the players have written down during the adventure.

The real treasures are the known and unknown places in the beautiful city of Nice.

Our treasure hunt ends, of course, on the Promenade des Anglais opposite the Cours Saleya.


In 1729, a freebooter by the name of Morgan le Noir was a gunner on the pirate brig Le Sans Pitié.

After a violent battle in the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer against a frigate flying the flag of the House of Savoy, his ship was wrecked.

Three-quarters of the crew were killed by enemy fire and a hail of cannonballs from the Mont Alban fort. The survivors were hanged in the public square.

He, with his fifteen years of piracy behind him, managed, after being thrown from the boat, to cling onto a piece of mast that was floating, and even better, he grabbed a small wooden chest filled with gold doubloons.

He clung to the piece of wood all the way to the coast, and from there made his way to Nice on the sly.

From that day on, he was never heard from again.

In the smoky taverns of the port, the story goes that Morgan killed himself with an old accomplice, a former pirate found in Nice.

Legend has it that before his death he hid his treasure in Nissa.

Find it, and beware: pirates may still be haunting your footsteps!

The Captain

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