Writing workshop: Novelist for a day Group activity


Write a short story or screenplay together. In the style of...

Thriller, Science Fiction or Romance... The draw will determine the genre per team as well as the first inspiring lines of writing. The group is guided, encouraged and valued by the facilitator so that this experience is a real pleasure, a real moment of sharing. And everyone will be given the confidence to dare.

Option 1: Type your stories on the computer, we will collect them all and send them back together.

Option 2: we create a souvenir book of the event with all the texts imagined by the participants and the photos of the event! A valuable and much appreciated gift.

This workshop helps to : Develop team bonding and collective creativity. An original and funny creative experience, which will create a real climate of connivance and imagination between your participants! Get them out of the box, discover each other in a different way... The benefits of this workshop are numerous and it is always a success!

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