Yoga & Beer: Yoga workshop in a connected beer bar Group activity


The concept is simple, do yoga while drinking a cold beer. Who hasn't dreamed of this?

Amélie is waiting to guide you through a wellness session!

A yoga class with the tasting of a beer from the large selection of the place: gluten-free, alcohol-free or lager.

And why not extend the evening around the innovative concept of the place: the 1st connected and interactive beer bar in Nice!

THE PLACE: The 1st interactive and connected beer bar in Nice!

In the centre of the bar, 12 self-service beer taps. You serve yourself when you want, the quantity you want.

With your credit card, choose the style of glass that suits you on the counter to serve you the beer of your choice. Payment is by the centilitre, which allows you to test several beers, thus finding the one you like best.

On each tap, a screen guides you through the flavours and notes of the chosen beer.

OPTION: Beer tasting and meal.

Tasting of 6 different beers during an original workshop!

Meal: Choose from cheese plates, good sausages, organic salads, vegan dishes, "tostadas", hummus and homemade dessert, a variation of pig or sweet potato fries with cheddar cheese.

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