Whereez , 26/08/2023

Who said that corporate events had to be monotonous and unoriginal? Certainly not us! At Whereez, we're convinced that unique, well-thought-out events tailored to the needs and desires of your employees can transform an ordinary meeting into a memorable occasion. Let's take a look at 15 ideas for your in-house corporate events, to help you bond and have a great time as a team.

1 - Ideas for your company's in-house events (not everyone else's)

A good idea for an in-house event for your company is first and foremost an idea that suits you, that reflects your culture and that corresponds to your needs and those of your teams. The aim is not to create artificial links around a shared obligation, but to unite your staff around experiences that inspire them and bring them closer together. For example, it's best to plan activities to which everyone present will have access (physically, emotionally, etc.).

2 - Outdoor activities to strengthen bonds

The great outdoors brings people together! If picnics and barbecues are big favourites at family events, it's because sharing grilled meats is a pleasure that everyone can get behind (even vegetarians, who can enjoy colourful vegetable kebabs). Wine tours (on foot or by bike), urban beekeeping courses, sporting challenges, street art... the choice is yours!

3 - Indoor activities for rainy days

Indoor corporate events create a more intimate atmosphere and lend themselves to more relaxed discussions. But there's no reason not to have fun! Escape Games on the move, fun challenges back in the classroom, an introduction to DJing, a Burger Quiz... the possibilities are as numerous as they are surprising.

4 - Eco-responsible activities to raise awareness

Take part in a reforestation operation, a cooking or upcycling workshop, a theatrical quiz-show on disability, or a treasure hunt to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing. awareness-raising guaranteed!

5 - Lively evenings to have a good time

Sometimes, the best idea for a perfectly successful internal company event is not the most original. A good dinner, some karaoke, and everyone is delighted. But you can also opt for an immersive evening on the theme of Prohibition or Arsène Lupin, challenges, a mime show... All you have to do is contact us to organise everything.

6 - Culinary events to delight your guests

Caterers are bursting with creativity to offer companies unique experiences. A street-food stand or a pizza party on your premises, tastings of dishes from other parts of the world or a raclette party, molecular cuisine events or ice-cream, cocktail or coffee events, confectionery, chocolate or oyster stands, or even a traditional paella. The options are endless.

7 - Sports activities to challenge yourself

A good match, a challenge worthy of Intercities, an introduction to Quidditch, or even a survival bootcamp. Our ideas for in-house corporate events include a wide range of sporting activities, full of surprises.

8 - Creative activities to explore your talents

Introductory workshops in BeatBox, pottery, street art or even theatrical clowning, if you feel like it, give your employees the chance to explore their artistic talents.

9 - Zen activities to de-stress

From massages on your company premises to seminars in the countryside, approaches based on nature and well-being are sure to revitalise your teams.

10 - Fun activities to help you unwind

It's time to let off some steam. Bring in a caricaturist or a mime, or invite your team to take part in a sensory challenge for a change from the everyday.

11 - New activities for those who've done it all before

"On ne joue pas à table" is THE fun tasting game that's ideal for breaking the ice and strengthening cohesion between the members of your team.

12 - Immersive activities to transport you

Fake waiters performing a play during a catering service, an immersive adventure in the form of a hold-up in the heart of Paris, Squid Game Challenge... you're not ready!

13 - Magic shows to dream together

Magic has intrigued and fascinated us since childhood. Here's an idea for your in-house corporate events that has the merit of making the audience think: and you, will you be able to discover the "trick"?

14 - Hypnosis sessions for laughter and self-discovery

Bringing in a mentalist to entertain at your corporate event promises an absolutely unique experience. Who can resist his powers of suggestion?

15 - Engaging activities to open up to others

Helping others together is an effective and useful way of forging links between employees. Cleaning up a beach or a forest, organising a collection of objects, clothes or foodstuffs, or preparing meals for the homeless: these are all ways of stimulating your teams by doing good around you.