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Company evenings are one of the highlights of any company. Whether you want to celebrate your achievements, bring your employees together for the festive season, or simply create happy memories together, organising a company party is an excellent idea. But how do you go about it? Don't panic, a few tips will ensure that your event is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

Why organise a company evening?

Spending time together in a different context from the day-to-day work is a great way of cultivating deeper links between employees, managers and other people involved in company life. That's why the concept of a company party is so popular! It's the ideal opportunity to enjoy a unique moment together as a team.

Whether you want to thank your staff or celebrate an important milestone, your company evening promises precious moments of good humour.

Corporate evening: 2 key points for successful organisation

To offer your participants a memorable evening, there's nothing like a company party that will surprise them. There are two points to bear in mind: the venue and the entertainment.

The venue

If you are in Paris or would like to go there for the occasion, L'Olivia, an event boat on the Seine, will welcome your guests in an intimate atmosphere while offering incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area.

or perhaps you'd prefer to discover the almost secret garden of the Cité du Véron, a bubble bar nestling on the rooftops of the Moulin Rouge! Inspired by vintage and plants, this unusual place takes you right back to the literary era, when the area was frequented by Boris Vian and Jacques Prévert. The ideal is to offer a venue that will leave a lasting impression and still be talked about after the evening is over. There are plenty of beautiful and unusual venues to choose from. Take a look at our selection of venues.


What would a company evening be without a few challenges? With "Cap ou pas Cap", a wandering animation offered in French or English, your guests will have to take up a number of challenges, each more amusing than the last! Colourful characters invite them to share in fun, original and rhythmic games.

Are you looking for a highly immersive event for your corporate evening? Go for a "Tripot - Prohibition evening and street games" event that will plunge your participants into the heart of New York in the 1920s, where the rules are unique to this clandestine venue with its unsavoury clientele...

The more prestigiousCasino Royale atmosphere is full of nods to the famous agent 007. Blackjack, English roulette, stud poker... the actor-croupiers are there to referee the challenges. Place your bets!

Not convinced? The possibilities are endless, so take a look at our selection of evening entertainment!

Whereez suggestions for an unforgettable corporate evening

Need even more ideas? Our site is packed with incredible venues and unique entertainment to help you create a tailor-made corporate evening.

The Cuisine Moléculaire event (mobile kitchen stand)

A successful corporate evening also means an extraordinary gourmet experience. Molecular cuisine is the latest trend in "nouvelle cuisine", which puts the spotlight on new shapes, materials and sensations. On the menu: deconstructed mojito, poached oyster served with artichoke and foie gras and a yellow wine emulsion, Terre-Mer Dom Tom, nitrogen apple, and much more. Thanks to his mobile kitchen-laboratory, your chef can come and surprise you right on your premises.

Cocktail Show and Bar entertainment

Discover the art of mixology during a corporate evening with just the right amount of water. Thanks to ephemeral bars run by talented juggling bartenders, the event takes on the air of an acrobatic show. But that's not all: your guests will be invited to share a moment of conviviality by learning how to make their own cocktails. The host bartender will reveal some well-kept secrets to help you make cocktails the way you like them!

The Question and Answer session - Unusual video questions and answers

A white room, a sofa, a buzzer, a hidden camera and a screen scrolling with questions... Now that's an unusual way to start an evening. But make no mistake: an unusual experience full of fun awaits you! in the style of Canal Plus's Grand Journal, the question box game promises hilarity all round. The host hides in the control room and encourages the participants to answer in an offbeat way, for an even more fun atmosphere. And to top it all off, eight days later you'll receive a montage of the best moments of your question-and-answer evening!


How can you make your corporate evening memorable?

Have you decided to organise a company party that will go down in history? Now is the perfect time to give free rein to your desire for the unusual. Get off the beaten track by offering your guests unusual culinary experiences and out-of-the-ordinary entertainment, all in an unusual setting that they won't soon forget.

What activities should you choose for a successful corporate evening?

Think about the atmosphere you want to create, the desires and sensibilities of your participants, and what you want to celebrate... Whereez has plenty of ideas: browse our different categories according to your geographical proximity and let yourself be inspired.