L'equipe Whereez , 28/07/2023

Revitalising, calming and inspiring, nature provides a particularly suitable setting for corporate events. Far from the sometimes oppressive atmosphere of the big cities, seminars in the great outdoors encourage teams to relax and feel good, while strengthening the bonds between employees. Let's find out more about this format, which is becoming increasingly popular with companies.

What is a "green seminar"?

A green seminar is a corporate event held far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a protected natural setting. Majestic forests, bucolic estates, pretty seasides... the possibilities are numerous, but they all have one thing in common: an environment conducive to relaxation, exchange, reflection and creativity.

The aim of a seminar in the countryside is to immerse yourself in the beneficial atmosphere of a natural site, but not necessarily to cut yourself off from everything, quite the opposite. The places dedicated to these retreats have modern facilities perfectly suited to the needs of a corporate event. Comfortable accommodation, fully-equipped meeting rooms, local and gourmet catering, outdoor areas dedicated to team-building activities... Your guests will want for nothing!

Surround yourself with nature to get back to basics

Green seminars stand out from the usual corporate events because of their unique and invigorating setting, which contrasts with the everyday professional world. Natural sites are ideal for disconnecting, allowing participants to take a step back and focus on their own well-being, far from any anxiety-provoking context.

Strengthen team cohesion through outdoor activities

This breath of fresh air also encourages your staff to (re)open up to each other. In an unusual, unspoilt setting, team-building exercises take on a whole new dimension.

Now's the time to take advantage of the exceptional setting to focus on outdoor activities. Team sports, group adventures, orienteering, escape games, cricket tournaments... any idea will do, and the surrounding beauty will make them memorable.

A breath of fresh air for city dwellers

Routine, especially in a grey urban environment, can quickly lead to a loss of enthusiasm and motivation. Taking your teams to discover new places and offering them stimulating activities during a seminar in the countryside is an excellent way of renewing their motivation. This pleasant, relaxing break recharges the batteries, boosts morale and gives your staff a breath of fresh air.

Green seminars are a concrete way of showing your employees that their presence at your side is appreciated and valued. It's a reward that highlights the idea that their happiness is important to the company and that work doesn't have to rhyme with inflexible productivity. Sometimes, slowing down is the best way to get back on track!

A break for the physical and mental well-being of your teams

Encouraging physical, mental and emotional well-being at work is the logical progression from our previous point. Striking the right balance between work commitments and personal well-being can be complex, and even a source of guilt for many employees. The working environment is demanding and the pressure to perform is often great.

Your seminar in the countryside can be punctuated by team-building activities, but there's nothing to stop you from scheduling moments devoted entirely to serenity. Choose accommodation that offers a spa, yoga or meditation sessions, or mindfulness workshops. Take advantage of the surrounding nature to plan outings focused on relaxation and communion with the elements. Silent, introspective walks in a forest of ancient trees, swimming in a lake or a wild river, outdoor massages... these are all unique discoveries that will banish stress.

And if your staff are more in need of a physical challenge to recharge their batteries, there's nothing like rafting, caving or windsurfing!

The ideal setting for communicating eco-responsible values

Corporate events are an excellent way of communicating your company's values. Choosing a green seminar reflects a corporate culture focused on environmental protection and respect for ecosystems.

A green seminar is completely in line with the principles of a Green Meeting or a CSR team-building event. Plunging employees into a setting where nature is omnipresent adds substance to a speech to raise awareness. You can draw your teams' attention to your company's objective impact on the environment and the measures you want to put in place to minimise it.

To reinforce the coherence of your event, don't hesitate to opt for a "green" seminar at a certified venue (HQE, Ecolabel, Green Key, etc.). You can also organise a clean transport solution and opt for eco-responsible meals. It's the ideal opportunity to introduce everyone to other ways of eating: meat-free menus, organic, permaculture and local farming, Demeter, etc. It's a great way to take your thinking even further while enjoying yourself!