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Why not choose an unusual seminar venue in Lyon for your next corporate event? Organising a seminar is a complex task, which sometimes makes you lose sight of the human dimension of the experience. From the atmosphere to the activities on offer, not forgetting the meal, your aim is above all to transport your guests into your world and to multiply the positive associations in their minds. The potential of your reception venue is therefore immense...

Why choose an unusual seminar venue in Lyon?

Unusual is memorable. Choosing an unusual seminar venue in Lyon means you stand out from the crowd even before the event itself. Relaxation, elegance, mystery, tech, nature... the venue sets the tone.

Similarly, some venues are better suited to one type of activity than another. Do you want to host a small number of guests in an intimate, offbeat atmosphere that encourages interaction? An original restaurant, a museum or a scenic room will provide the ideal setting. If, on the other hand, you want to welcome hundreds of participants in a magical setting that will stimulate their inspiration, a château or an events estate with vast outdoor spaces will give your company the edge.

Selecting an unusual venue for your seminar in Lyon will help you to enhance your event while making it unique and unforgettable.

La Commune: a third-party venue in the heart of Lyon

Are you looking for an unusual seminar venue in Lyon that can offer you great flexibility for hosting your event while remaining easy to get to? La Commune, in the heart of Lyon's 7th arrondissement, is a "third place" / event bar designed to adapt to your needs and desires, while offering an innovative, optimised and engaging experience.

A forerunner of Lyon's foodcourts, La Commune offers 6 ultra-modular spaces (including 3 terraces) spread over 1,500m², forming a triple venue: culinary incubator, convivial bar and cultural space. In all, La Commune can accommodate between 10 and 700 people.

Les Woraces: an unusual triplex in Croix-rousse

Designed as a loft on three separate levels, Les Woraces is a 270m² event space right on the historic slopes of the Croix-Rousse. Ideal for hosting your seminars, corporate meals, parties and team-building events, this multifunctional space with its bold architecture is steeped in history.this multifunctional space, with its bold architecture steeped in history, can seat up to 100 people, and offers a wide range of event formats for your guests.

Château de Montchat: the elegance of a château 15 minutes from Lyon Part-Dieu

Imagine an elegant cocktail reception or sit-down meal in an unusual seminar venue in Lyon, with a royal and serene atmosphere thanks to the presence of a sublime 3,400m² park, all in the heart of the city.

This is what the magnificent Château de Montchat has to offer, hosting your business events in its various lounges and private rooms. A little magic, a lot of luxury and a touch of nature... that's what this exceptional venue has to offer.

Lyon Country House: a huge, unusual estate on the banks of the Saône

Invite your guests to enjoy a breath of fresh air on the outskirts of Lyon, in a huge 12-hectare park planted with trees. You'll find a splendid château with watchtowers, outbuildings, cabins and lodges.

Seminars, life-size team-building activities, on-site accommodation... All the advantages are there for you to organise a truly unforgettable corporate event. And surprise your colleagues with a little-known location!

Your Place Lyon: a reception space to suit you

Are you looking for an unusual seminar venue in Lyon to host your conferences, meetings, training sessions, product launches or daytime team-building events? Your Place Lyon offers you a private space with a "home from home" atmosphere that will put everyone at ease. Bright colours, warm furniture and an intimate atmosphere to share with colleagues!

Here, everything is planned to offer you a moment that is both studious and convivial.

Wawi Galerie: an art gallery for events

Turn your next corporate event into an unforgettable art workshop. This unusual seminar venue in Lyon takes the form of an event gallery dedicated to contemporary urban art, or Street Art. This immersive, timeless venue invites you to organise original after-work events, corporate Drink & Paint cocktails, culinary discoveries and a host of other unique and memorable activities. You can even hold seminars in a space that has been converted into a meeting room. The perfect place in Lyon to combine artistic discovery and business seminars.


What do you mean by "unusual seminar venue in Lyon"?

Of course, you can organise a corporate event on your own premises. However, inviting your guests to experience a unique moment in a dedicated and unusual space can completely transform the experience! An unusual seminar venue in Lyon, by definition, goes even further and creates a surprise by offering an unforgettable setting.

What are the advantages of choosing an unusual venue for your seminar in Lyon?

Forget about meeting rooms with no personality that promise corporate events that nobody will remember a few weeks later. By choosing an unusual venue for your seminar in Lyon, you are offering your guests a memorable and positive experience that they will associate with your company for a long time to come.