Aurélien , 01/03/2019

"Don't forget to bring back the wood! "

It was with this mocking humour that my favourite teenager wished me a good day. How could I blame him...? Seeing his accountant father go to work wearing a large red and black checked shirt... Very much in keeping with the theme!

After the office day, we had an appointment to share an activity that left me quite perplexed. An original experience to say the least: axe throwing!

Some, like me, were therefore sceptical. Others even felt a real fear... How heavy will that damn axe be? What if I can't throw it? Will everyone look at me?

Friday 20th April. 20H. A small hidden street between Belleville and Montmartre. 19 colleagues accompany me. A huge log of wood stands in front of the main entrance and sets the tone. We enter. Straw. Rows like in a bowling alley. Except that at the end, a target and an axe are planted. The master of the place welcomes us. Small drink. Short briefing.

(Look, he has a checkered shirt too! I saw right!)

A little stress is still felt at the moment of seizing the axe and reproducing as well as possible the gesture taught by the coach with shirt! The posture is ideal, the muscle tense, the throw is impeccable... and ends pathetically at 1m50 from the target.... Right in the straw... it starts well!

As time goes by, the competition becomes real!

Everyone gets into the game! Everyone tries to surprise the others! Even Charlène, who was apprehensive about the activity, is spurred on by an adrenalin that gives her wings... or rather skill. She surprises everyone.

1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots on the target. Our bewildered looks seem to give her even more desire for victory. She has the highest score of the group. Her last throw is worthy of a film: right on target! She beats the HRD and gets the best score of the team!


As for me, I would have done better to forget the checks... The suit doesn't make the man, and the shirt doesn't make the lumberjack... Fortunately, the Coubertin spirit is in me. I still had a great evening. A great laugh and an experience to be repeated whatever the cost.... next time with the son... we'll see who's laughing at who!

If someone had told me that I would spend such a crazy evening, surrounded by my office colleagues throwing axes...

can't wait for the next one ! And I can't wait for tomorrow morning in the office!