Aurélien , 02/03/2019

What else can they be up to?

They made me throw axes! After that, I expect anything...

We've been speculating all week about the surprise activity next Thursday! It's actually quite nice.

3 lunches all together... rare enough to mention.

On the one hand, it strengthens bonds. it even creates new ones. Charlène, the surprise winner of the Axe Throwing competition(see here) is becoming more and more likeable in everyone's eyes. Less and less shy! However, there is no way she will win the next activity.

There are rumours that we will all meet in a bar to play a game of riddles. Others imagine a giant Fort Boyard. Those with a sweet tooth are thinking of a tasting in the dark.

Personally, I really imagine something super original. An activity we didn't even know existed!

See you at the end of next week for the answer. And the report.

In the meantime, let's get to work... !