A human and digital timeline for your party - Photobooth 2.0 Animation


Discover the new generation of "photobooths" for your next corporate event in Paris (or anywhere else in France).

A photo shoot that results in the creation of a huge frieze where all the participants are present.

Both photo and video versions are possible with the "Cinéfriz".

We've invented a human frieze concept that brings people together - from all over the world - in a photo or video medium.

We create photo shoots and photobooths to animate and immortalise your professional events.

Give your guests a unique, collaborative experience and share a convivial moment, all together!

Possible packages:

The CINE FRIZ is displayed on a giant screen: guests are caught in motion, so in video format. The videos are displayed on a giant screen and fed as they are taken. This frieze requires the presence of a video editor to provide a good quality frieze in video format.

We also offer FRIZ LIVE, which is also displayed on a giant screen: guests are captured in photo format and the freshly taken photos are displayed instantly on a giant screen. This frieze does not require the presence of an editor. During the event, you will have access to a link that will allow you to view the FRIZ LIVE.

- FOTOFRIZ: Photos taken during the evening. The photos will be displayed on a giant frieze.


Opt for our human video frieze solution!

The principle is simple:

Video shooting: participants are invited to shoot sequences - with music - of around twenty seconds during which they have fun in front of the camera.

Post-production: our team creates and customises the CINÉFRIZ to your image [48-hour delivery].

- E-FRIZ: A smartphone solution for connected teams.

Create links thanks to our digital solution, specially designed to bring your colleagues together across the world.

DIY Shooting: Each participant takes a photo with their smartphone or computer webcam and uploads it to our platform in just one click.

Unlimited FRIZLIVE printing: Thanks to our creation engine, you can automatically integrate the FRIZLIVE and discover your colleagues in the four corners of the globe.

Because a human frieze is better than 1000 selfies!

- FRIZLIVE: never seen before!

Create a "frizzzlive" with all the participants in your party, in a single photo!

All the participants photographed - by a photographer or a terminal - become part of a large human frieze created instantly and broadcast LIVE on one or more screens simultaneously.

100% online, FRIZLIVE takes the form of a personalised URL that you can easily share on social networks or with your post-shoot colleagues.

Discover the faces of your colleagues in the four corners of the world and communicate LIVE via photos... It's now possible thanks to our unique creation engine.

Whether you're working on a single or multiple sites, your guests will be able to view the human frieze - which expands in real time - on their smartphones or the various screens installed on site(s).

3 photo modes :

- Classic: classic photo.

- Jump: get your guests off the ground with our high-energy animation!

The principle is simple: our photographer sets up a trampoline so that your guests can soar through the air and strike some extraordinary poses.

- Colour touch: Add a touch of fantasy and create a work of art with our FOTOFRIZ COLOUR TOUCH event.

The principle is simple: photo report: to enhance the shoot, our photographer will provide you with a pack of accessories based on the theme of your event.

Post-production: our team will create an artistic FOTOFRIZ with the participants in black and white and the props in colour.

To create commitment and boost participation, complete your shoot with our options:

AIR'BOX: print your individual photos using our instant photo printing terminal.

FRIZLIVE: broadcast your FOTOFRIZ - in real time - and add meaning to your event.


We develop unique technologies to bring people together.

Our human frieze creation engine combined with our AI for automatic clipping without a green background means we can offer you animations that you won't find anywhere else!

Much more than just a feature, our FRIZLIVE solution attracts crowds and generates engagement.

A photo experience like no other!

For CINÉFRIZ, the experience involves the presence of our editor on site.

He accompanies the film crew and takes charge of creating your CINÉFRIZ, which will be shown on your screens.

Updates will be made regularly to ensure continuous projection and guarantee the success of the animation.

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