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Whereez is an agency specialising in organising tailor-made team building experiences for businesses. We offer a selection of activities carefully designed to help strengthen teams and foster employee engagement. Our experienced facilitators guide participants through carefully tailored challenges and tasks that promote collaboration, communication, problem solving, creativity and leadership skills.

Whether you're looking for a team-building activity in Paris, a traditional or recreational seminar, or a multi-day corporate retreat, we can meet your needs. We offer a very wide range of activities, from the most original escape games to outdoor activities (innovative treasure hunts, survival courses in the forest, all kinds of Olympics, etc.), gastronomy (molecular cooking classes, tasting in the dark, etc.) and art (building your own advertisement, introduction to street art, theatre clowning, etc.). We offer a wide range of experiences, all designed to bring out the best in your team and help them reach their full potential by thinking outside the box.

Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience that will strengthen the interpersonal bonds between employees and make teams stronger.

Choosing Whereez to organise your Team Building in Paris

Over the last few years, there have been more and more Team Building outings in Paris, and the new ideas are ever more creative and original! But it's not always easy to find your way through all the Team Building activities on offer in Paris or the Paris region.

To help you organise such a day, Whereez has selected and tested the most unusual workshops, which will enable your teams to share a moment out of time! Opportunities to strengthen cohesion between your staff, in a setting outside the office.

Choose from our selection of activities to stimulate your teams and contact us for a personalised quote. We'll work with you to fine-tune the preparation and organisation of your event, taking into account your objectives and priorities. We'll be with you from start to finish, to ensure that this Team Building activity in Paris is a success for everyone!

Team building in Paris: feedback from our customers

At Whereez, we've tried out these Team Building activities in Paris, and if we're offering them here, it's because we've approved them all! But the best thing to do is to listen to our customers' experiences:

Jérémy, who took part in the Polaroid Challenge activity at Opéra:
"It was a great activity, both fun and cultural, allowing you to discover the Opéra Garnier, the teams really enjoyed it. "

Marjorie, who tried Bubble Games (back to class, childhood)
"Thank you so much for this event! Our employees had a great time! Special mention to Maitre Lajoy who, unanimously, was exceptional! "

Aurélia: after an immersive investigation between treasure hunt with virtual reality headset
"The treasure hunt was really fun, as well as solving the riddle with a technology that we're not necessarily used to using, it helped us discover the beautiful Paris, I recommend this activity."

Pascale, after doing Graffiti in Paris:
"Super fun and cultural afternoon that allowed me to take a different look at tags and graffiti. Bénédicte captured our attention by sharing her passion with us. She introduced us to artists and an art form that we were mistakenly equating with vandalism. Drawing not being my strong point, I didn't really... In the end, using a simple and effective technique, Félix enabled us to free and share our creativity together. It was all done in good humour and in glorious weather."

Véronique after an anti-waste workshop
"The whole team was delighted with this very good time spent in good humour and conviviality. It was a great experience that we had the pleasure of living. And to top it all off, we shared an excellent meal together. The whole team joins me in warmly thanking you for your professionalism, creativity, adaptability and kindness. We'll be sure to repeat the experience on another occasion. "


How much does Team Building in Paris cost?

First of all, we invite you to discuss with your management the budget set for your team or per person, depending on their organisation.

Once the budget has been set, you can examine the options available to you. The cost of team building in Paris can vary significantly depending on a number of factors:

The type of activities and entertainment (Laser Game, outdoor activities, cookery workshop, etc.)

The venue chosen (don't forget to take into account travel time if you're not staying in Paris and the potential rental of the venue).

The duration of the team building (longer experiences tend to require a higher budget).

The number of participants (some activities will charge per person and others per group, depending on the number of people required to organise them).

The objectives (improving communication, training in a targeted area of expertise, strengthening cohesion, etc.)

You will see that there are many criteria that can explain the differences in price for organising a Team Building event in Paris. In our experience, we consider €30 to €80-90 ex VAT/person to be a reasonable range for activities that are immersive and beneficial to your teams. (The cost can be reduced by looking for affordable options, such as the loan of workspace or the use of a venue at a reduced price).

How do you organise a team building event?

A team building event in Paris offers a unique and original way of improving team cohesion. Companies can take advantage of the many activities available in the city to organise these sessions. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor activities, team building in Paris is an excellent option for stimulating collaboration and creating a sense of team spirit.

When organising a team building event in Paris, it's important to bear in mind your objectives (motivating your teams, improving communication, resolving a conflict, rewarding a year's work...), your entertainment requirements and the number of people involved.

Once you've defined these parameters, it's time to find the ideal venue. Paris is full of exceptional and atypical sites that can provide an interesting environment for your team-building activities. We can also help you find the most suitable venues for your event if you have any particular requirements.

Have you found the ideal venue for your team building in Paris? All that remains is to choose the activity that will best suit your team. Apart from the simplest options such as treasure hunts, escape games or Olympiads, there are many other possible team-building activities available today, and Whereez offers a highly innovative range of activities in very different fields and contexts. A well-chosen activity is an excellent way of stimulating team spirit and promoting an atmosphere of commitment that lasts. To achieve this, we recommend a certain recurrence in the organisation of these company outings, as well as some originality to capitalise on the 'Wow' effect of the activities that the teams will be sharing. The idea is to create a recurring memory shared by all employees.

Once you've identified the ideal activity, all that's left to do is to think about how the day will unfold and agree it with your management in line with the budget agreed together.

At Whereez, we guide our customers by helping them to define the needs and constraints of management as far in advance as possible. This approach enables us to channel our efforts into identifying the outing or event that best meets the organisers' expectations, without ever exceeding the management's final budget (or preferences) :)

What activity should you choose in Paris to bring your teams together?

From the most original cookery or art workshops to the craziest escape games or tours, Paris has plenty to surprise you! At Whereez, we believe that the key to successful team building is to find activities that really meet the objectives you set yourself when organising your company outing. Taking the time to understand your own expectations is essential if you are to feel that you have made a contribution to your teams.

Whatever your needs, we'll be able to offer you personalised, tailored packages to help you get the results you want. The choice of activities is so vast that it can be difficult to narrow down the options. Here are just a few examples of the activities we currently offer:

On ne joue pas à table (We don't play at the table ): Here's an innovative activity that breaks the ice and builds team spirit in a fun way... or rather, a gastroludic way! This wacky adventure based around tasting and food preparation workshops offers a hilarious, gourmet experience that your team won't soon forget.

A life-size criminal investigation in the heart of Paris: A blood-curdling adventure on the trail of a serial killer. Your team will have to use their ingenuity and a good dose of courage to catch this criminal who is rampaging through the streets of the capital. Put yourself in the shoes of a detective for the duration of this ultra-immersive experience.

Sensory trail - a challenge based on the 5 senses: halfway between an escape game and an awareness-raising workshop, this enigma-filled course awakens the 5 senses while promoting team spirit, cohesion and stress management. Let your Master of the Senses be your guide and immerse yourself in this amazing adventure.

Discovering urban beekeeping: This half-day introductory tour covers much more than just discovering bees. During this visit, you'll learn about bees and how they're organised, taste some delicious golden honey and take part in a workshop to raise awareness of the issues threatening these precious workers.

A textile fresco: This educational workshop, designed in the form of a serious game, aims to raise participants' awareness of the issues at stake in a little-questioned industry: textiles. The workshop takes a fresh look at the clothes we wear every day. It explains why 'Fast Fashion' is problematic and how we can change our lifestyles to promote sustainable fashion. through playful games, your teams will be encouraged to think together and collaborate to strengthen their cohesion.

A wandering magician/hypnotist: Here's an unusual performance that will transform your corporate evenings and create a moment of emotion between the magician and the guests, as well as between employees. a world away from the hat and rabbit or the worrying image of hypnosis, this live show offers an interactive, elegant and meaningful experience around which participants can share a few moments of wonder. It's the perfect way to liven up a company meal or cocktail party!

At Whereez, we're here to help you create unforgettable and unusual team-building experiences for your teams in Paris. Our experienced facilitators can help you tailor a programme to meet all your needs. Contact us today to find out more!

How does Team Building work?

Team Building is a process of creating a strong and successful team by focusing on improving interpersonal relationships and developing problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. These activities are designed to help team members get to know each other better, work together effectively and build trust in the workplace. Team building can be achieved through interactive activities such as group discussions or team meetings, or through physical or artistic activities, for example.

The effectiveness of team building depends on the quality of the design and implementation of the activities. At Whereez, we specialise in creating customised packages that meet your needs and help you achieve the results you want. Contact us today for more information!