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Offer your guests a fortune-telling consultation! Between Nimes and Montpellier. But can travel throughout France depending on the anticipation of the request.

Fortune-telling, cartomancy, mediumship, pendulum and oracles are waiting for you...

"Ever since I was a little girl, the world of spirituality has always attracted me. I feel things...

Thanks to my cards and pendulums, I can give you answers about your future... guide you in the sentimental, professional, financial field etc..."

3 fields of action :

- Clairvoyance - fortune-telling

- Mediumship

- Pendulum

For your company events (or other)

Seminars, brand launches, birthdays, company parties... Play the card of originality by organising a fortune-telling session open to all those who wish to attend.

You will be surprised by the popularity of such an event and your guests will surely appreciate the experience. Everything is arranged in advance, so you can enjoy your guests without having to worry about the entertainment.

Of course, the words exchanged during the session will remain between the clairvoyant and her client in order to preserve the intimacy of each one! With kindness, gentleness and joy my clairvoyance will be at the heart of the matter.

We are all masters of our destiny. It is up to us to change its course to make it a wonderful path.

What we need to know

The type of venue where the event will take place,

An estimate of the number of sessions required,

The date

The duration of the service,

We just need a small space with two chairs and a small table.

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