Back to the 90's animation - Giant quiz with buzzers Animation


An incredible evening to remember!

A team game about TV, movies and 90's TV shows!

If your name is Hélène and you've already spat in your Yop, join us at the canteen and avoid getting crusty so you can be first in line.

You'll see, we're all looking 90s.

We play 3 games in teams during the evening, between courses during a dinner, in self-service during a cocktail party or by video.

On the programme, a quiz on TV shows, a game on films like "The Price is Right", a blind test on 90's commercials and series.

Do you find it "boring"? Then write it down for later, and come and join the party with your colleagues.

Beware, "if you take the blue pill, the story ends there, you wake up in your bed, and you believe what you want.

If you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and we show you how far down the rabbit hole it goes." We'll be rocking out to Britney Spears, eating gum with Emile and maybe finally finding out "what's that milk bottle?".

The teams compete on their knowledge at a sit-down dinner where each table is a team with buzzers.

They test themselves on 90's advertisements in the style of Culture Pub, and have to find out which object corresponds to the film extracts for Le Juste Prix with Nadine Risoli.

Or they are welcomed by Chantal Leroy at La Table en Or to list a number of TV shows/series.

Very nice set of VHS tapes to win! :-)

At the location of your choice.

We can also propose several places where we usually organise this type of evening, around a cocktail party or a seated dinner.

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