Cap ou pas Cap" animation during your evening/dinner Animation


More than a hundred challenges to take up, making this walk a unique entertainment for your event.

Don't be fooled by appearances, these friendly, colourful characters are real challengers who will challenge you in an original and rhythmic way.

Choose one of the cards from their deck and take up the challenge that is inscribed...

So Cap or not Cap to eat Cleopatra glue, to put on a vintage k-way or to reproduce the mythical moonwalk in front of a crazy public?

Wandering animation. In French or English.

Comedian (5 different characters on the theme of childhood and/or celebrities). Personalization possible

Number of people: From 25 to 500 people.

Average duration: 2 hours

For which format to use this animation: Cocktail and 2nd part of the evening. Indoor or outdoor. Anywhere in France.

Some examples of characters with their challenges:


Don't be fooled by appearances, underneath her appearance of a well-behaved little girl, the character in a short skirt and pigtails hides a real Chipie who will challenge you in an original and rhythmic way.

Choose one of the cards in her deck and take up the challenge that is written on it... So, can you take a selfie with your boss, give your colleague an Eskimo kiss or repeat the choreography danced by the Chipie?


Football shorts, number 10 on his back, cleats and curly hair, the unforgettable Diego is waiting for you with a ball at his feet for some incredible sports exchanges! Can you juggle 10 times without dropping the ball on the ground, can you celebrate between your colleagues or hold a weight, arm outstretched, without batting an eyelid?


Do you know P'tit Zef, the schoolboy in short trousers, schoolbag on his back and bonbecs in his pockets. A quirky and joking character who likes to have his homework and lessons done by guests.

In his schoolbag, he has a whole range of games (marbles, jacks, spinning top, rubber band...). Can he or can he not eat Cleopatra glue, recite the alphabet with a mouthful of marshmallows?

Etc, etc...

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