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Offering an evening with a Casino Gourmand or Oenologique event allows you to discover (or rediscover) casino games in an original way, on the theme of tasting.

As part of a corporate seminar or evening event (client invitation, incentive, gala evening, works council evening, etc.), we recreate the atmosphere of a real Gourmet or Oenological Casino in the venue of your choice.

The wine tasting casino: is a blind tasting workshop where the casino concept is introduced: instead of betting on red and black, you taste a wine and then bet, for example, that it is a Chardonnay or a Viognier. There are three betting phases for each wine: the colour on the nose alone, then, after tasting, the terroir and then the grape variety. Designed to be oenoludic (and not oenological), our host's advice means that everyone can have fun.

The aroma wine casino: use your nose to recognise which of 30 aromas (the most commonly found in wines) is being offered to you in the form of a pebble of essential oils. This workshop is very popular with women, who are often perfume lovers. Although it doesn't involve tasting, it's a great way for non-drinkers to have fun while enjoying a wine tasting session.

The Wine Casino Quiz: Immerse your guests in the world of wine with a general knowledge quiz on the world of wine. Your guests can wager on multiple-choice questions after being informed of the question's level of difficulty and the theme. Fun anecdotes add to the atmosphere around the table thanks to the host.

Gourmet Casino: Our wine casino workshops are also available in a gourmet format, with tastings and bets on chocolates, cheeses, cocktails, etc.

The advantages of the Casino Oenoludique or Gourmand workshop :

- the chance to discover all the Casino games in just a few hours, based on a gourmet or wine theme

- total freedom for guests: play, have a drink, chat, etc. People are free to enjoy the evening at their own pace

- a controlled budget with the possibility of hosting up to 20 people with just 1 gaming table

- formulas adapted for company evenings, events for individuals or sports associations, for example

We can also offer more traditional casino entertainment with Black Jack, Poker, etc. link

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