Escape Game kit : Inside Box & Eye of Moscow Animation


You can choose from a range of "turnkey" scenarios that you simply have to select according to your expectations and needs.

Some games can even be adapted to convey your values or messages.

The Escape Game is the best way to communicate, to get to know each other, to transmit messages and values, to raise awareness, or to improve well-being at work.

Your choice:

INSIDE BOX - Duration 01H00: Your organisation is attacked by the famous group of hackers: the Nameless.

You have little time to prevent the computer virus from spreading and protect your company. (customisable storyline!)

Course of action: This animation consists of collecting information and solving riddles in teams using a tablet or a riddle book.

The objective is to open the padlocks that close a wooden box to recover the contents hidden inside.

With many teams, a competitive dimension can be introduced. Who will open the box first?

Possible options: Customisation of the box - Customisation of 8 puzzles of the game with the subject of your choice

EYE OF MOSCOW - Duration 01H30: The backpack of a former Russian double agent has been found.

With the help of the latest technology, you must analyse this bag and find the agent who disappeared 20 years ago.

Course of action: Each team receives a backpack belonging to an FSB agent who disappeared 20 years ago, as well as a digital tablet equipped with the latest technology to help them in their mission.

This Escape Game calls on your intuition, observation and thinking skills.

A very light game format that mixes digital and physical. Easily deployed indoors or outdoors.

For up to 200 people. And even more...

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