Ice cream activities (ice rolls, sundae, granita, frozen yogurt...) Animation


An ice cream bar at your event: Ice Rolls, Sundae, Frozen yogurt, granita, Italian ice... treat your employees!

Refresh yourself and offer an ice cream animation for your summer event (or not!)

Ice cream animations are ideal for your summer or back-to-school events.

You will appreciate the healthy side of Sorbets and Frozen Yogurt, the theatricality of the Freeze Rolls animation, the creaminess of Italian ice creams and sundaes. And finally, the colour and freshness of the Granita animation!

These animations are suitable for your company event, your point of sale, your trade show and congress stands, or your general public events and other street-marketing operations, etc.

Here are the possible animations: You can, of course, choose the one(s) of your choice.


With the Freeze Rolls (or Ice Rolls), discover a new experience of ice cream tasting. On a plancha frozen at -25°C, we place a liquid base to which we add the sweet ingredients... and then the magic happens. After a few turns of the spatula, you will be able to taste fine ice cream rolls.

This new theatrical, aesthetic, gourmet and original animation has its origins in Thai and Malaysian street food. The ice cream rolls made their appearance in France in 2014.

The ingredients

A 100% natural artisanal ice cream base

Each of the toppings is selected for its taste qualities and adapted to Freeze Rolls recipes:

Fruit: red fruit, mango, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, kiwi...

Coulis: caramel, chocolate, cherry...

Sweets : Speculoos, cat's tongue, oreo...


Italian ice cream is one of the stars of the beach, creamy and sweet, and can be served in a jar or a cone. Usually with vanilla, we can also make Italian ice cream with chocolate, strawberry, pistachio...

The equipment: Several compact models of professional Italian ice cream machines made in Italy, offering optimal creaminess.

Depending on the event, the number of guests and your wishes, we will define the format and the number of machines to guarantee a fast and efficient service!

Flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, strawberry milk, spread, pistachio, fleur de lait, caramel, coconut, passion fruit.

Option: Customised stand with your logo and graphic charter!


The granita, also called granité in French, is a sorbet made from crushed ice from Sicily. Originally, it was mainly lemon, but now there are many flavours: strawberry, mint, cola, raspberry... which can even be combined according to your desires.

The ingredients: We offer you a wide range of flavours for your slushes:

Classic flavours: strawberry, mint, lemon,

Elaborate flavours: Tropical blue, peach-apricot,

Surprising flavours : Piña Colada, Mojito, Margarita etc.


The sorbet is the ideal ice cream animation to set up during hot periods. Colourful, fruity and convivial, it will give a pep to your summer events.

Ingredients : A Premium fruit puree base with no flavouring, no colouring and no preservatives for an impeccable taste quality.

A wide range of flavours to choose from: blackcurrant, apricot, pear, pineapple, strawberry, banana, mango, lemon, blueberry, lychee, white peach, tangerine, morello cherry, passion fruit, apple etc.

The equipment: Professional quality ice cream machines from Ugolini and GBG. Worldwide references that guarantee a fast service, a neat aesthetic and a creamy product.

Our fleet of machines allows us to meet all your requirements, from the most classic, with 2 machines and 2 flavours, to the most crazy with an XXL animation stand of 8, 10, 12 machines and a rainbow of flavours.


The Frozen Yogurt Bar, also known as Frozen Yogurt: let yourself be tempted by the delicious taste of yogurt ice cream and indulge yourself by topping it with colourful, fresh and delicious toppings. This animation will be perfect for your company event, a commercial animation or to refresh the guests of a wedding, baptism etc.

The ingredients

The frozen yoghurt: imported from Italy and made by a renowned manufacturer of ingredients for ice cream makers who supply the biggest Frozen Yogurt brands.

The toppings:

Fruit: red fruit, mango, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, kiwi...

Coulis: caramel, chocolate, cherry and other fruits...

Sweets: Smarties and other sweets, hazelnut chips, chocolate chips, muesli, dried fruit...

Options :

- Toppings of your choice

- Customised stand decoration, in your colours

- 100% organic Frozen Yogurt animation

- Yoghurt ice cream flavoured with your choice of flavours (strawberry, vanilla, etc.)

- You don't like yoghurt but want a refreshing animation? Don't worry: our ice cream machines will be able to serve you sundaes, Italian-style ice cream and other granitas!


The sundae is an American ice cream based dessert with a caramel, chocolate or fruit sauce. The most gourmand can also add roasted peanuts, other toppings or even whipped cream... countless combinations!

The ingredients : A 100% natural artisanal ice cream base imported from Italy and made by a renowned manufacturer of ingredients for artisanal ice cream makers


Coulis: caramel, chocolate or red fruit

Topping: Roasted peanut chips.

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