Smoothie Bike / Pancake Bike / Charging Bike Animation Animation


The eco-responsible animation par excellence: a smoothie bike at your company event!

Or a bike charger, a pancake bike or a soup bar bike!

The SmooCycle animation is the most fun and eco-responsible animation. Get ready to burn calories with our blender bikes that will allow you to make your own fruit juices and smoothies - or soups and veloutés in winter!

How do you do it? By pedalling, thanks to a dynamo connected to the bike's wheel. No need for an electrical connection: it's the same top-of-the-range professional blender (speed of rotation: 30,000 rpm) as on the other stands, powered by your legs!


- THE GREEN SMOOTHIES: Cucumber-Mint-Kiwi / Banana-Spinach-Orange / Spinach-Avocado-Banana-Soy milk / Celery-Apple-Lime

- THE GOURMANDS: Banana-Chocolate spread-Almond milk / Apple-Kiwi-Raspberry-Vanilla / Banana-Speculoos spread-Coconut milk / Apple-Banana-Strawberry Tagada

- THE BEST-SELLERS: Strawberry-Mango-Pineapple-Orange / Pineapple-Orange / Strawberry-Orange / Mango-Pineapple-Orange-Banana

- THE SUMMER SMOOTHIES: Strawberry-Watermelon-Apple-Lemon / Melon-Cucumber-Watermelon / Peach-Strawberry-Orange / Raspberry-Pineapple-Orange / Apricot-Lemon-Almond Milk

We will guide you in the choice of recipes to ensure that your audience will be delighted.


During a SmooCycle animation, we provide a neat aesthetic with :

- a top-of-the-range professional Blendec blender, "the Rolls of the Blenders" (rotation speed: 30000 rpm),

- 2.5L XL jars, polycarbonate guaranteed BPA-free (Bisphenol A)

- heavy-duty stainless steel alloy blades ensuring perfect emulsion and smoothness.


ECO-RESPONSIBLE animation: no electricity consumption: the 1500 W of the blender are produced by the strength of your legs on our smoothie bike! There's nothing like it to raise awareness about the use of "clean" energy sources. The production of one jar of blender by a bicymixer, saves 25 Watts per hour.

NUTRITION animation: with your fruit juice cocktail blended with the strength of your legs, you consume your daily ration of fruits and vegetables... We have selected the fruits delivered for their nutritional and gustatory qualities, and we can specify the nutritional contributions of each recipe.

SPORTIVE animation: activate your thighs, get your heart pumping and breathe deeply... By pedalling our blender bike to produce your smoothie, you have just burned 10 calories!

PARTICIPATIVE animation: feel like a smoothie? Pedal for 30 seconds! You'll have a great time with your colleagues!

ORIGINAL, FUN and ATTRACTIVE animation: the SmooCycle animation will not go unnoticed and will definitely mark your event, your employees, your customers etc.

VENUES: Anywhere in France. At your event location. Indoors or outdoors.

Suitable for all types of events: commercial events, corporate events, street marketing, point-of-sale events, this bicymixer sports event can be organised anywhere.

We have a large fleet of smoothie bikes.

NO ELECTRIC CONSUMPTION : The SmooCycle (or Bicymixer) animation is our eco-responsible animation par excellence. The SmooCycle animation is based on a very simple operation, within the reach of each of us and allowing us to "rationalise" our energy consumption and our impact on the environment.

And for a 100% sustainable animation, we can also offer you organic fruits and vegetables.


- Cyclo-Charger animation

Thanks to the Cyclo Charger animation, invite your employees to recharge their mobile phones, tablets and cameras via a USB port. Pedal and recharge up to 24 electronic devices... and even a small fan to cool you down during your effort! The Cyclo Charger is an eco-responsible, educational, fun and participative animation that will find its place on your events to promote renewable energies, your sustainable development actions, for the launch of high tech products... and will seduce a large audience!

- Cyclo-Crêpes animation

A crepe maker, a generator, 3 bikes.... and your legs! Pedal to provide the electricity that will power the crepe makers used to make delicious sweet or savoury crepes during your company's crepe event! Convivial and participative, Cyclo Crêpes is an original idea of Team Building animation that will please sportsmen and food lovers!

- Cyclo-Soup Bar Animation

Pedal to provide the electric current for the soup tureen by the strength of your legs or pedal to blend your soup recipe in a totally eco-responsible way: there's no better way to warm up and liven up your corporate events on the theme of ecology or the environment!

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