Tripot entertainment - Prohibition night and street games Animation


Plunge into the heart of 1920s New York in the midst of Prohibition and rub shoulders with the petty criminals of the Black Sox mafia gang.

Challenge Jack Craps to a game of dice, Beetle Bob to a race of insects, Fast Lucky to a game of billiards, Big Baby to an arm wrestling match and their cronies to street games where the rules no longer exist.

Without worrying about the laws, the Tripot immerses you in the fascinating and secret world of smuggling... an original evening entertainment that smells of scams and adulterated whisky.

If you had to make easy money, what choice would you make?

Illegality and the forbidden... So welcome to the underground gambling den where everything is bet and lost. Try your luck by taking up the risky challenges of the underworld thugs!

Walkabout and workshops (1920s style).

Comedians (10 different characters) with musical atmosphere.

25 to 500 people. Animation in French and English.

Cocktail and 2nd part of the evening. Indoor or outdoor.

Floor space (3/4m²) per workshop.

Examples of characters and challenges:


Adorned with sequins, feathers, fringes and pearls, TWIN SISTERS plays with the glamour and elegance of the Roaring Twenties to challenge the onlookers in their many games of chance.

An incredible duo, owners of the Tripot, who, between two scams, will initiate the public to the dances of the Roaring Twenties... Charleston, Foxtrot between barrels and ammunition boxes, everything is a pretext for the carefree and good-humoured atmosphere of a clandestine evening.


Throw the dice and let luck take over... 2 sides of the dice turned over make 7 and you win! But watch out for the master of the game, JACK CRAPS, who only wants to see you lose every time.

In the tripot, luck doesn't always smile at beginners and the rules are invented as the game goes on.


Not everyone has a dog or cat as a pet. BEETLE BOB prefers small animals and other insects that crawl, swarm and fly.

A passion that he shares with you in original, frantic races where you can bet without limits on BEETLE BOB's challenger or on your favourite...but beware of addiction, these little creatures are very endearing.

All over France.

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