La maison Souquet: a confidential bar for the pleasure of the senses...


Former home of Plaisir de la Belle Epoque in the sulphurous district of Pigalle, the house Souquet has reopened to become today a luxurious 5* hotel, vestige of Luxury.
In a calm and serene setting, you can discover its hidden bar where the bartenders unveil cocktails that delight all our senses...

This historic establishment hides many secrets. It is by using the passage leading to the Salon des Petits Bonheurs that we discover the very beautiful cocktail bar.

In a timeless setting, both confidential and subdued, you will be inebriated by the subdued atmosphere and the striking history that inhabits all the furniture and walls of the House.

Without really knowing why, we are intoxicated by this naughty atmosphere. Is this very pleasant, almost aphrodisiac odour sweating in the room? Or simply these very floral and feminine cocktails. Indeed, à la carte, you will find the names of the most famous courtiers, and will dive back into the intimate history of the place.
Finally, each season, the mixologist is clearly not lacking in creativity to renew the menu.


The only downside: cocktail prices are quite high, but when you like... you don't count.


10 Rue de Bruxelles, 75009 Paris

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