The Wall of "Je t'aime"

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Romanticism cannot be paid for, cannot be invented, cannot be foreseen... It lives!

Here, it is discovered at the sight of passers-by... He watches himself, and lets himself be admired!

This romanticism is simply on a wall!

And what other place in Paris than Montmartre could not offer this?

A fresco of 40m² with the most beautiful statement of the world reproduced 311 times, in 250 different languages, starting from 511 enamelled lava tiles, on which pieces of a broken heart are represented by coloured fragments.

So take advantage of a wandering in this historic, magical and emblematic district of Paris to tell you I love you!

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Passionné par Paris, le sport, la gastronomie et restaurants parisiens, les séries et les voyages. J'aime découvrir de nouvelles choses à Paris.

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