The Yacht Club: the ideal restaurant for parents (and children)


A giant brasserie on 2 floors with an atypical decoration (wood, wood, wood, wood, wicker armchairs, graphic floor, steel blue quilted bench seat, shark's mouth, fishing trophies, emergency buoys...). Here, we are a little bit into an elegant and trendy sinner's rad!

And every weekend you can come with your children, because don't worry: you won't have to watch them for a moment!

Second scoop? You won't have to eat cold fries and vacuum-packed compotes!

Why?  A nanny will take care of your toddlers around a kids-friendly brunch! (scrambled eggs, sweet and savoury pancakes, bluefin tuna gravlax (€30 per adult, €17 per child).

The rest of the week, you will find a fresh kitchen. As a sweet scent of the Mediterranean: plancha knives (10 €), crispy octopus (11 €), grilled lamb chops (13 €), cheese croquettes (9 €), beef dumplings with yoghurt sauce (9 €), rum baba and the incredible almond cake (7 €).

And since the place is full of more original ideas, here is the one reserved for adults:

There are lively and festive evenings every weekend in the restaurant's secret club. At the bottom of the hold, not far from the captain...

Oh, hey, abandoned Captain... To the boarding party!

More like dinner!


Every day from noon (Saturday 11.30am) to 2am (Sunday 5pm).


8 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris

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