A lunch/dinner cocktail for your events Caterer


Weddings, company receptions, cocktail parties, company seminars... Offer a simple, chic and quick buffet to your employees.

In the form of buffets, and composed of various sweet and savoury items, offer yourself a gourmet and chic cocktail for your lunches and/or standing dinners.

You will also be entitled to:

- An all-you-can-eat soft drink bar

- A decorated mobile cocktail bar, with the presence of a barmaid (Mojito, Pina Colada, Punch, Pink Lady, Daiquiri...)

- 4 formulas to choose from around different kinds of Amuse-bouches ("20 pieces Creole" -"19 pieces metro/Creole" -"19 pieces festive" -"21 pieces chic wedding type")

For small events, we can offer you a small cocktail of 13 pieces !

Example of a Formula:

17 savoury pieces:

Samoussas / Bonbon Piment - Ti'nem chicken, vegetables, crab shrimp

Shrimp friand

Puff pastry (poultry, fish, cheese)

Mini quiche with vegetables or leek

Tandoori chicken kebab

Fish skewer / Vegetable skewer

Spoonful of tuna Tataki style and candied vegetables

Mini cabbage cracker with foie gras

Mini focaccia with tomato confit and cheese

Mini brioche with fish rillette and lime/combava

Spoonful of quail supreme with morel sauce

Roasted duck breast with vanilla on a songe mousseline

Mini blinis with wild crab mousse

Mini soft duck dome with vanilla on orange shortbread

4 sweet pieces: Mini seasonal fruit tartlet - Mini éclair - Mini Brownie - Mini macaroon

Unlimited soft drinks: Coca Cola - Orangina - Lemonade - Fruit juice - Schweppes - Still water - Sparkling water

Spirits: Whisky - Vodka Gin - White Martini - Red Martini - Ricard - Rum

Red wine - White wine - Rosé wine

Cocktails: Mojito - Pinacolada - Iced Tea Detox: Hibiscus-Cucumber-Ginge

Including: 2 bartenders 1 waiter - Mobile bar - Buffet decoration - Cocktail glassware - Eco pack: edible straws, cardboard cups

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