Celebrate Candlemas in your company Caterer


Cocktail buffets with colourful canapés are a familiar sight! How about celebrating Candlemas with your colleagues? Original, isn't it?

A crepe cooked and filled "minute". Choose to fill them with Nutella, salted butter caramel, fruit jam or grated coconut.

And after all, why settle for Chandeleur? Pancakes are available all year round!

Other optional buffets: - Waffle Party

- Galette des Rois here: https: //whereez.com/fr/event/proexperience/s/animation-galette-des-rois-en-entreprise

- Mini choco fountains and fruit dip (Come and pick your seasonal fruit or even marshmallows and cover them with a delicious dark chocolate melt)

- Pain perdu et choco nut (A small brioche toasted like French toast, a whipped cream on top, a drop of chocolate sauce and a shower of crushed toasted almonds)

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