Special mobile kitchen for lobster : Discovery & Tasting Caterer


A mobile kitchen that moves to the place of your choice, to make you discover lobster and its "agreements"!

On the menu:

White from Alba or Piedmont, black from Périgord, musky, from Burgundy, from Lorraine according to arrival

Lobster ravioli and its bisque, iodized espuma

Lobster medallion, mini caramelised vegetables, mushrooms of the moment and coral emulsion

Lobster roll (sandwich originating from New England and the Canadian Maritimes, it is made of a hot-dog and lobster bun)

Lobster tartar with tarragon and cocoa nibs, mascarpone with Espelette pepper (smoked verrine)

"Its antennae are long, as long as its body. Perfect, that's a sign of great freshness! "In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, lobster was considered in some cultures to encourage virility and women's ability to conceive, but it was not considered a luxury dish as it is today. The blue pigment in the shell of the European lobster is actually composed of several molecules agglomerated with a protein, but when the lobster is cooked, it turns red like the others, however its flavour remains unmatched. The King of the Seas with its fine and tasty meat is a must for festivities.

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