Your African evening in Reunion Island - The African Menu by Stella Traiteur Caterer


In collaboration with Stella Traiteur, we offer you an evening on the theme of West Africa.

A menu based on the best dishes of Senegal, Yassa, Mafé and Thieboudienne.

In addition to this catering formula, we will offer the following entertainment:

- Performance by an African dance troupe

- Decoration on the theme of "Africa Chic

- DJ

- Reception room or garden for a total immersion in the theme

Menu details (some examples) :

Drinks: Bissap - Detox water (cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint)


Breadfruit petal and dream

Fish croquette with ginger

Green banana spike with turmeric

Mini cassava leaf crunch with smoked herring

Corn cake with coriander


Kachumbari salad (onions, tomatoes, vegetables and lemon juice)

Lime marinated fish salad

Pastel (fish filled turnover)

Skewer of fish balls with spicy sauce.


Chicken YASSA

Mafé of lamb OR chicken

Tiebou Yapp (Rice with chicken)

Sautéed fish with lemon grass

Fried fish in Firire sauce

Captain in banana leaf wrapper

Side dishes: Fragrant rice, sweet potato cake, papaya puree and a festival of steamed mixed vegetables


Sombi in a cassolette (rice pudding with orange blossom)

Coconut mousse

Mini Congolese banana tart

Skewer of seasonal fruits

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