Escape Game in Lyon - 3 rooms to choose from Activity


Take part in a life-size escape game in Lyon.

In teams of 2 to 6 people, the aim is to escape from a room with the help of various riddles, in a limited time. We can host your group event. Ideal for those looking for a creative way to celebrate together. This puzzle game tests your mind and teamwork skills. Solving our riddles requires a variety of skills and can only be done with a team effort.

The 3 rooms:

- 2000 places under the sea: 35% escape rate

Professor Pierre Aronnax, his servant Conseil and the Canadian harpooner Ned Land, after trying to catch a mysterious sea monster, find themselves trapped in Captain Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus. Our heroes will go through countless adventures: they will discover treasures in Atlantis and lost ancient shipwrecks, venture to the Pacific islands and the South Pole ice floes, hunt in underwater forests and battle giant squids. But their goal will be to escape from Captain Nemo's submarine, which wants to keep them locked up forever.

- Treasure Island: 55% escape rate

When young Jim Hawkins discovers a treasure map in the chest of the dead pirate Billy Bones in his inn, he decides to go in search of it. With his friends, aboard the Hispaniola, he travels to the island, unaware that the crew members are actually pirates in search of the same treasure. Through unexpected adventures, Jim and his friends must face pirates, find the treasure and return home.

- A World Without Colour: 40% Escape Rate

You're in Las Vegas to see MALACKAY, the world's greatest magician, but because you're curious, at the end of the show you decide to explore his dressing room to discover his secrets. Unfortunately, MALACKAY is suspicious, deceitful and malicious and his trap closes on you. You are locked forever in the colourless room from which no intruder has managed to escape. Personally, I don't believe in magic and I think that you can get out of all traps with logic and intelligence... But maybe I'm wrong...

3 games optimised for a maximum of 6 people per room. Exceptionally, we can accept up to 7 players in 2 of our games (with the risk of being a bit tight in some places: 20,000 leagues under the sea and Treasure Island)

For a total capacity of 20 people divided into 3 rooms.

Team of 2 people. - 40€/pers. = 80

Team of 3 pers. - 30€/pers. = 90

Team of 4 pers. - 26€/pers. = 104

Team of 5 pers. - 23€/pers. = 115

Team of 6 pers. - 20€/pers. = 120

Team of 7 pers. - 20€/pers. = 140

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