Les Olympiades des Aventuriers - In a park in Lyon Activity


The Adventurers' Olympics are by far our most popular team-building activity, based on the theme of a famous TV show!

Armed with your coloured headband, come and test yourself on our team events inspired by a famous game show.

Make alliances, cooperate and outdo each other to finish on the winning team!

Faced with edible insects, you'll need a strong heart, while other challenges will require you to trust each other, stick together and get the best out of each other to lead your team to success.

Wear your team's colours proudly until you win!

Scarves offered as souvenirs at the end of the event.

Any advanced state of inebriation will result in the coach refusing to host the event.

Challenges to choose from among these 16: Choose a maximum of 8 to 10 for 02 to 03 hours of activity.

1. Don't let go

Each team has a rope to hold on to. A large area is marked out on the ground and the teams are placed outside this area, opposite each other. The aim of each team is to catch up with the other team by running to the right. If a team member lets go of the rope, the whole team stops for a time determined in advance by the coach. The first team to catch up with all its team-mates still holding the rope wins the round.

2. Weighted circuit relay

One candidate from each team must complete a course using a weight (kettlebell, rock/tree trunk, dumbbell, wall-ball, etc.). The course may contain "obstacles" to overcome and avoid (bags, equipment), distances to be covered by crawling, half-turns/backward steps, etc. At the end of the course is a coach with a clue that the participant reads. They then repeat the course in the opposite direction. He gives his ballast to the next team member, who does the same and finds another clue, etc ...

When enough team members have completed the course to find the word formed by the letters, they can suggest the word.

3. Cerebral course

Similar to the previous one, but can be done without ballast.

Each team sends a candidate on a course at the end of which is a puzzle, or different numbers written on paper and placed on the ground in a certain arrangement. He has to memorise them and walk back through the course to his team-mates, where the same puzzle pieces or numbers are placed.they then have to arrange them on the ground in the same way as before.

PS: For added spice, the coach can mix the pieces of team A's puzzle into team B's puzzle. The teams will then have to negotiate to get their pieces back (by selling one of their team members to the opposing team for the rest of the event, exchanging for another piece, etc.).

4. 6-legged snack

There are crickets in 2 containers. These cooked insects generally have a flavour (salmon, chicken, etc.).

The teams stand far away from the containers so as not to hear what the participants who are going to eat them say. One participant from each team goes over to his or her container and has to taste and guess the flavour of the insects contained in it, whispering it into the coach's ear, who confirms with a yes or disagrees with a no. The participants all go through one by one, the aim being to get as many yeses as possible for their team.

The team with the most participants finding the flavour wins the game.

4b. Poisonous snack

In addition to the 6-legged snack, the team leaders are presented with 2 edible black scorpions.

Each team leader must eat the entire insect as quickly as possible.

The first to eat the insect wins.

5. Dip your hand

Two containers contain earth/mud, sand, blades of grass, gravel, etc. Inside, an object is hidden (pen cap, table tennis ball, pack of handkerchiefs, chopstick, trolley token, etc.). Participants have to dip their hand into the containers and guess the object inside by touch.

6. Tug-of-war (in the water)

Tug of war in teams, in the water if possible, on the ground if not.

7. Waterproof (aquatic event)

Weights are placed at the bottom of the water far from the shore. One member of each team swims out. He dives for the weight. Once underwater, he has to move the weight as close to the shore as possible without leaving the water. If the weight is brought back to the shore too quickly by the team, ask them to do the same in the opposite direction to lengthen the game. You can also have 2 weights per team for a longer round.

8. Human knot

The members of each team must form a closed circle by standing shoulder to shoulder. Within a set time, the group must untangle the arm knot without letting go of their hands. The first team to untangle its human knot wins the point.

9. Blind course

Teams of at least 3 people. 1 wears a blindfold and must complete the course that has been set up and that he has not seen before. To do this, the others have to guide him by voice without being able to move. The competitor must complete the course before the blindfolded opponent of the rival team. Each time there is a change of protagonist: change the course before the start.

10. Balancing game

Balance on 1 foot on a support for as long as possible. Depending on the venue, this may be a post, a rock, an instability board, etc. One or more members of team A compete against one or more members of team B for the point. When one team falls, the point goes to the other and new members compete for a second point, etc...

11. No arms, you're on your own

The participants in each team are placed behind a starting block, in single file. Opposite them, about 15 metres away, each team has a bowl with flour inside, and a bowl of water with a small object. The candidates pass in relay. They have to run to the basin of water, dip their head in quickly, then dip their head in the basin of flour to retrieve the object with their mouth in order for their team to win.

Constraints :

1/ Candidates must hold hands interlaced behind their backs throughout the game.

2/ Only one head dive into the bowl is allowed. Once the head is up, the candidate must return to hand over to his team-mate. The first candidate who manages to get the object out of the basin with his teeth in a single attempt wins his team.

12. Human pyramid: Each team must build the most original human pyramid possible.

13. Limbo

With a broom at shoulder height: get all the participants to pass under the stick and gradually lower the height.

Objective: all the participants must limbo without falling.

If they fall, they are eliminated.

14. Jump-ramp

The members of the two teams face each other. One person out of two is placed on the plank and another on the bridge.

One member goes over the plank/under the bridge (jumps and crawls) and then at the end of the course takes his turn (either on the plank or on the bridge, depending on who is last), etc.

Objective: To cover the distance requested by the coach.

15. Tic-tac-toe

The coach draws a tic-tac-toe on the ground using hoops, elastic bands, ropes, etc., consisting of nine squares.

The two teams stand 10-15 metres apart, side by side, ready to start the relay.

One member of each team takes off on the coach's cue and places his number in a square on the tic-tac-toe.

He then sprints back to clap hands with the next team member, who places a second number, etc...

The aim is to line up three identical coloured scarves placed diagonally, horizontally or vertically. If this is not the case, the participants continue to engage and use the scarves already on the ground to move them and align them to win the game.

16. Wolf's tail

With a bib in your trousers and in "wolf's tail" mode, pit 1 or more members of team A against 1 or more members of team B.

The aim is to catch and remove the opponents' number from their trousers without having your own number removed!

The winner raises the number he or she has caught high!

Capacity: 6 to 200 people

Duration: 1h00 or 2h00

On request, we'll let you know which parks we work in most often, for all these cities.


1h00 => 20€/pers. or 200€ per group of 10

1H30 => 35€/pers.

2h00 => 36€/pers. i.e. 360€ per group of 10

Locations: Lyon, Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Paris, Lille, Nantes, Deauville, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nice, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Annecy, Rennes, Strasbourg

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Parc de la Tête d'or 69006 Lyon

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