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An experience to share with family and friends, with passengers flying for free!

No previous experience required, over 150,000 satisfied customers worldwide to date!

"Officially Licensed Product" by Boeing. High definition visuals

You can choose your airport from thousands around the world. Whichever you choose, take time to enjoy the familiar sights, provided you can take your eyes off the cockpit and flight instrument screens!

Several flights to choose from:

Discovery flight - 45 min - 149€/pers (30 min. flight preceded by a 15 min. briefing)

This short flight offers an excellent overview of what it feels like to fly an airliner. 2 circuits, i.e. 2 laps from an airport of your choice (Nice, Paris, New York...) among the 24 000 in our base. Once installed in the captain's seat, your instructor will quickly introduce you to the cockpit controls before accompanying you in the execution of 2 take-offs and landings on the same runway. This manoeuvre consists of landing once by "touching" the runway with the landing gear and then immediately going full throttle to take off again.

Expert Circuit - 60 min - 199€/pers. (45 min. flight preceded by a 15 min. briefing)

Fly to one of the most difficult airports in the world as the captain of a Boeing 737.

This tour allows you to combine an introduction to flying an airliner with the opportunity to perform take-offs and landings at different airports. Master the fundamentals of flying an airliner while enjoying the beautiful scenery before challenging yourself with an approach to one of the world's most challenging airfields.

Land at Hong Kong's famous "Kai Tak" airport on a stormy day, unless you prefer Innsbruck airport in the Austrian Alps!

Airline Pilot - 75 min - 249€/pers. (60 min. flight preceded by a 15 min. briefing)

You are the captain! Choose your flight plan, whatever the weather conditions, day or night. Whether this is your first experience in a cockpit or you are an experienced pilot, this package is for you.

Perfect your flying skills through a series of take-offs and landings or put yourself in the shoes of an airline pilot by flying between two cities! For the experienced pilot, why not try a complex approach or landing in bad weather?

Circuits: Work on your take-offs and landings by performing circuits at 2 airports of your choice.

Sector flight: Perform a sector flight between 2 cities. The best way to put yourself in the shoes of a captain to experience the sensations!

Multi Airline Pilot - 75 min - 269€/pers. (price corresponds to a package for 2 people) (60 min flight preceded by a 15 min briefing)

Ideal for a birthday gift. Imagine yourself flying a Boeing 737 simulator with your family and friends. 2 people can share the controls during the 60 minute flight. Do you want to challenge your friends or family? 2 participants can alternate at the controls with this "multi" package.

You are free to use your flight time as you wish, for example by competing to see who can make the best approach to the airport of your choice.

Ultimate Experience - 90 min - 349€/pers. (75 min. preceded by a 15 min. briefing)

The ultimate flight experience! 90 minutes of excitement at the controls of a modern airliner. Experience a complete immersion in the best leisure simulator in the world.

Multi Experience Ultimate - 105 min - 369€ (price is for a package for 2 or 3 people)

90 min. flight preceded by a 15 min. briefing.

For 2 or 3 pilots. The ultimate package to train and share your flight with friends or family. In 90 minutes you will each have time to practice several airports or even, if you feel capable, to experience a flight in extreme conditions by causing an engine failure for example. Experience for yourself the thrill of an emergency situation that you will have to master to land safely on the tarmac.

It's up to you to choose which pilot you want to become!

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