Quidditch initiation during a training session Activity


Welcome to a training session of... Quidditch!

In the Bois de Boulogne at 10.30am every Sunday!

Quidditch is certainly a sport inspired by Harry Potter, but it has written its own rules.

Muggle Quidditch is a mixture of handball, rugby and dodgeball. It is not a game, but a real sport that requires a good physical condition to perform well.

The Frog team has been playing this sport since 2011 and has participated in every edition of the European Cup, reaching the final in the first edition.

They were also French champions in the first edition of the French Cup before reaching the final the following year.

Children or adults attracted by the magical world, curious amateurs of original activities or sports fans, everyone can find something to do!


On a pitch, there are 7 players per team: 1 keeper, 2 beaters, 3 chasers and 1 catcher. Quidditch is a mixed sport.

All players have a broom: PVC tube or wood, it is a handicap, as most actions are done with one hand. It also allows you to see immediately who is in or out of the game.

The goals are represented by three hoops, at three different heights. Scoring a goal earns 10 points.

The team with the most points wins.

This is an introductory training session!

All you need to bring are shorts or jogging shorts, a top that you are not afraid to get dirty, good trainers (preferably with studs, but this is not compulsory) and a bottle of water!

Dare to play Quidditch!

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Paris Frog Quidditch

Non, nous ne sommes pas sorciers, nos balais ne volent pas et les vifs d'or ne changent pas de direction de manière naturelle.

Le Quidditch est certes un sport inspiré d'Harry Potter mais il a su écrire ses propres règles.

Le Quidditch Moldu est un mélange de handball, de rugby et de ballon prisonnier. Ce n'est pas un jeu, mais un véritable sport qui nécessite une bonne condition physique si l'on souhaite performer.

L'équipe des Frog pratique ce sport depuis 2011 et vous propose des initiations à cette pratique plutôt originale !

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