100% natural soap making workshop Group activity


A 3-hour experience of discovery, conviviality, surprise and sharing!

Participants will witness the making of artisanal soaps from natural and plant-based products using the cold saponification process.

Benefit from the incredible experience of an expert who is very well known and sought after on the local markets. Through an immersive workshop, you will discover how this "expert" makes the 100% natural soaps you are so much looking for on the fair markets!

Course of the half day:

Theoretical part: What is a soap? - History of soap - Basic raw materials - Saponification of soaps (reaction, technical equipment, precautions) - Calculation of formulas - Creation of a recipe per person (discovery and choice of raw materials)

Technical part: you will be present at the soap making part

Detailed presentation of the finished products

This is an immersion in the laboratory of a soap manufacturer that we offer you.

You will leave with samples!

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  • Food service
  • Entry ticket
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