A day out in the Ardèche countryside - Team Building in the green Group activity


Green seminar and team building in the Ardèche! A one-day Koh-Lanta survival course!

A seminar in the countryside, in the Ardèche, to immerse yourself in the heart of nature for a moment of team-building and relaxation.

Businesses from Lyon, Valence, Privas or Marseille, treat yourself to an enchanted break in a self-catering gîte.

There are seminar rooms, sleeping accommodation and large rooms for convivial meals.

And don't forget this totally unusual, immersive and responsible Team Building activity:


A day of total immersion in nature, rich in individual and collective experiences, challenges and learning, via a head-heart-body approach, to have fun, surpass yourself, discover and reveal the solidarity and mutual aid within your team.

06:00: Early wake-up call

06H30-07H00: Body wake-up

07H00-08H00: Morning exploration in the great outdoors

Sensory discovery of nature. Explore the forest and its environment, track woodland animals, find your way around with and without a map.

08:15-09:00: Outdoor breakfast

09:00-11:30: Orienteering race and activity at the finish point

Orienteering, cohesion, collective sporting challenges. Learn to regulate stress and find solutions as a team.

11.30am - 2.00pm: Open-air meal over a wood fire

Learn how to make a fire and eat in the great outdoors. Take a break and rest your body.

14H00-16H30: Survival challenge

Multi-themed challenges in teams: water filtration, combustible plants, survival shelter, going beyond your limits... Practical, fun and theoretical contributions.

16:30-17:30: Closing rituals: centring, exchange, reflective sharing of the day's discoveries and feelings.

Other activities and workshops are, of course, possible within the venue. They can replace parts of the day described above.


We offer activities for companies and groups, in French and English

Les Blaches is the ideal place for a green seminar, in contact with nature, not just to talk about the ecological transition, but to enable the participants in the corporate seminar to feel the deep connection that links us to our environment.

NATURALISTIC OR BOTANICAL OUTING: Naturalist outing by day or night. Botanical outing: discovering and recognising plants, picking...

SPORT & NATURE: orienteering; sporting and fun challenges...

LIFE IN NATURE: wood-fired cooking, wild plant gathering, water filtration, shelter mission, etc.

TRANSITION: Climate Fresco; Inventing our low-carbon lives

RESPONSIBLE FOOD: Farmhouse Bread Workshop & Pizza Evening; Making homemade pasta; Discovering wild and/or plant-based cuisine

HERBOLOGY: Natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

ART & NATURE: Vegetable inks and dyes; cyanotypes

LIVING ARTS: Theatre, clown and music workshops

PLASTIC ARTS: Painting game

To find out more about the venue in Ardèche, click here!

Discover a welcoming venue for your corporate seminar or eco-responsible team building in the Rhône Alpes region!

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