Murder Party / Giant Cluedo in Burgundy-Franche-Comté Group activity


A cross between a giant Cluedo and an interactive play, give your corporate or private event a Murder Party in Burgundy-Franche-Comté!

With 3 scenarios, including one for children!

Taking part in an evening of investigation (or murder party) means finding yourself in the shoes of a character, dressing up as him and behaving as him.

Ideal as part of a Team Building event in Dijon, Auxerre, Besançon and many other towns in the region.

In the space of a few hours, you'll have to unravel the threads of an intrigue, achieve confidential personal objectives, plot, throw up false leads... and survive!

Scenario 1 : The Alyssa Edwards affair

On 25 October 2019, young Alyssa Edwards was murdered in enigmatic circumstances.

Three years later, a wealthy nobleman moves to the region and personally invites you to his home.

Feeling privileged, you respond favourably, without asking yourself if there is a link between the two events.

No regrets? Appearances can be deceiving.

Scenario 2 : Panic in Whitechapel

1888, London, one of the first serial killers in history, self-proclaimed Jack the Ripper, is on the rampage in London's nauseating Whitechapel district.

A few miles away, the Maddox mansion is in turmoil. Richard Maddox, a descendant of Nicéphore Niépce, has made a fortune exploiting a new process known as photography.

But tonight, something is not quite right. He has summoned his close friends and the press - a rare event in his career - because some revelations deserve to be made...

Scenario 3 (children): My first year at Magic School

It's my first year, so I'm getting to know the school and my teachers. I have to keep up with the classes on defence against the forces of evil, as well as potion-making.

This could come in very handy if the school is attacked...

This scenario is intended for children. It's more of an 'adventure' than an 'investigation' activity (the investigation aspect has its place but is very limited).

Duration of the scenarios: 02H00. They can be extended if they accompany an evening / cocktail party for example.

Ideal for:

- offering an original evening out with friends.

- corporate team building.

- hosting an afternoon birthday party for younger children.

Capacity: 8 to 20 players

Locations: We operate mainly in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Dijon - Auxerre - Besançon - Chalon-sur-Saône... And any other town in the region!

On your premises. In your company. At home for your family events.

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