Adventurers of the Planet - R.S.E. Team Events Group activity


To succeed in these tests, you will learn to master, as a team, the 4 natural elements...

Connect with nature during a team building session and confront together 4 natural elements: earth, air, wind and fire. A collaborative, fun and instructive challenge, led by a dynamic team, to rediscover yourself in the natural world.

Tournament organisation:

The number of workshops is multiplied according to the number of participants.

Central coordination stand with a sound system and microphone (to play background music)

Final race and awarding of trophies. (possibility of adding goodies or baskets)

You will compete in 4 events.

1st stage, the Fire Challenge

2nd stage, the Water Challenge

3rd stage, Clean up the World

4th stage and final, recycled creative float race

After a general briefing, we will distribute BanaCoins (fictitious currency needed for the tournament), and we will divide you by team.


We will give you a detailed description of each challenge later on.

Fire Challenge: optimising the use of energy without wasting it

After a period of consultation in teams, choose the best elements and light your fire. You must be the first to heat your kettle of water to 90°C (or at least have the highest degrees!)

Water Challenge: Save the planet's resources

Buy the best bamboo elements to carry your water stock and fill your tank as much as possible without wasting a drop!

Let's clean up the earth: relay race and waste sorting

using your eco-pincer, collect, as a team, the waste that earns the most points and aim for the best sorting.

Creative recycled float race: creative use of renewable energy

Use your ingenuity to design the most beautiful and efficient mini float using recycled products. Will you win the race?

Finally, the 2 winners will take part in the "Crash test" tank race. To do this, we give out blowers. At least 3 people must participate in the race per team. 1 winner.

The participants can leave with their float if they wish!

For the awarding of trophies, a 3D printed medal in dummy gold OR/AND an aperitif box containing artisanal products (extra charge on quotation) can be distributed.


✔ Involve your teams in a fun way on the theme of R.S.E.

✔ Creativity workshops in teams

✔ Various challenges: collaborative, creative, sporty, agile

✔ Tailored to your event location

✔ 4-in-1 (4 creative animations in 1 team building)

Up to 03H30 of animation!

This activity is set up outdoors, outside. However, a plan B is possible: we replace the fire challenge by another activity, and the water challenge by small wooden balls.

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