Aujourd'hui tout est permis: Team Building for the TV show Group activity


Team Building on the theme of the TV show "Vendredi, tout est permis". In Lyon and the surrounding area.

An original corporate activity to surprise your colleagues and add some fun to your next event!

This activity is a nod to the famous TV show. With a fun and relaxed microphone host who will play the role of Arthur.

It's an innovative and original activity that can be used for a corporate evening or a team-building day.

Today Anything Goes" is a unifying event that offers your employees a variety of challenges with lots of surprises! It's a real team challenge where everyone can participate according to their skills and contribute to their own team's victory.

A maximum of challenges inspired by the famous TV show. Humour, entertainment and fun.

Not necessarily a winner... The watchword is fun. Participants play individually or in teams and compete in a choice of 6 events.

The events :

Let's dance: To get things off to the best possible start, the host brings the team captains onto the dance floor in turn. The captain who gets the crowd going the most during his or her dance will allow his or her team to start the game with a bonus point.

Abc Story: Each player in turn has to sing a song using the first letter given by the host. Anyone who doesn't get it right or takes longer than 30 seconds to do so will lose their team.

Blind test: The host plays introductions to TV series, cartoons or film music. The first team to find the title wins.

Photo mime: A player has to get his team to find the word given by the host by miming it. The team that finds the most words wins.

Chain mime: One player has to mime the title of the film written on a sheet of paper to his neighbour. The neighbour then has to mime it to his neighbour, and so on... All the way to the last player, who has to announce the title of the film in question.

Mexico: One player from each team is designated to sing "Mexiiiiiiiico" for as long as possible, holding the "i" without taking a breath. The player who holds it longest wins.

Articule: The facilitator chooses two players per team to face each other. One will be wearing headphones with music blaring in his ears. The other will have to help him or her discover a series of words while speaking. The pair who finds the most words wins.

Who am I? the host sticks a post-it note on a player's forehead with the name of a celebrity written on it. The player has to find out who it is in as little time as possible, by asking as many questions as possible to their team, who can only answer yes or no.

The last word: One player draws a word and shows it to the other players in his team. Each player has to find a song in which the word appears as quickly as possible and sing it.

Alphabody: Two players from each team will have to use their bodies, lying on the floor, to reform each letter of the word indicated by the host. They will be timed. The aim is to write the word in as little time as possible. And for the team to find the complete word.

Vtep road: A player chooses a situation at random. They have to act it out for their team.


1 pianist and synthesiser musician to accompany the tests.

1 set of lighting and special effects to liven up the event, just like on the show.

1 Giant screen.

1 Podium to showcase certain events.

1 Dance party with DJ.

1 Tilted set for the tilted set event.

1 gift or benefit for the winning team.


We recommend a maximum of 5 people per team. Don't worry, those who don't play or don't want to play can take on the role of spectators.


On your premises or at the venue of your event.

We can suggest several venues directly on our side. In Lyon and the surrounding area. You'll find an overview here!

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