Beer treasure hunt in Metz Group activity


Walk the streets of Metz in the footsteps of Joseph the brewer. Riddles, investigations and blind beer tastings are on the agenda.

A completely original and innovative Tem Building in the region!

The Challenges

To win, you have to score as many points as possible on different types of challenges:

Finish the game (last beer tasted) in 2h30 maximum.

Reconstruct the damaged page of Joseph by answering the observation questions asked along the way. Each element corresponds to a hole in the text, marked with a number.

Find the brewer's maxim. Each element also corresponds to a hole in the text, marked with a number.

Fill in the 2 tasting questionnaires correctly... because the beers will be served to you blind in a gallop! And it's up to you to discover 6 aspects: colour, alcohol level, type of fermentation, beer family, name of the beer and main aromas/flavours. (about 15 minutes in each bar)


19th July 1870. France declares war on Prussia. Metz is quickly besieged by the Germans. Amongst those who resist the enemy, a brewer stands out: Joseph. A fierce fighter, the inhabitants nicknamed him the "Corsair of Metz". During one of his legendary skirmishes, he took a young German soldier prisoner, from whom he snatched a notebook soberly entitled "Studies on the Cold".

The privateer, knowing how to read German, quickly understood the potential of the notebook: to make cold and exploit it in the art of modern brewing! One page in particular caught his attention. Unfortunately, in the course of a new battle with the enemy, our brewer is defeated. He is forced to get rid of the notebook. Before parting with it, he rips out the famous page and hides it in the city, near the cloister of the Récollets. When peace was signed, Joseph chose to remain French and leave Metz, which had become German. Before leaving, he wanted to find the page. But the page has naturally deteriorated. To rewrite it? Never. That would mean taking the risk that the Germans would take it back. So he decides, in a hurry, to spread clues around the city of Messina to reconstitute the damaged page... and thus understand the secret of the "privateer's beers"!

Course of action

A guide welcomes you at the start to explain the rules of the game. Once the teams have been formed (for groups of more than 6 people), you set off to explore the streets of Metz - equipped with your roadbook - to retrace Joseph's route the day before he left Metz. A remote follow-up is carried out by our animators who will meet you on your arrival to correct your answers. A gift is given to the winning team of the treasure hunt in Metz.

Practical information

Equipment to bring: A pen

Duration: 2h30 to 3h

20 people per time slot.

Treasure hunt in French

Departure: Place de la Comédie, in front of the Metz Opera

Arrival near the Place Saint-Louis

2 beer tastings included in the package + 1 33cl beer to take away

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