Card game "Team eloquence". Group activity


A card game to test your team's commercial soul!

How to get away from traditional team building activities?

How can you allow your team members to collaborate while learning at the same time?

Like children: by playing!

Learning, training and improving team cohesion while having fun is the challenge taken up by this card game.

2 teams will "compete", under the direction of a Game Master (totally objective and impartial!), to obtain the greatest number of cards possible.

To do this, like an eloquence contest, the players will have to compete inventively, in record time, to convince that their argument is the right one.

More than a hundred sentences, taken from years of experience in the field, make up the game and will serve as the basis for this friendly confrontation.

Objections - Questions from the field - Quotations - Destabilising phrases

There is something for every taste and activity.

Each Deck is tailor-made with the themes of your choice: financial, real estate, insurance, asset management, windows, tools, services etc. Everything is possible!

Mystery cards come at any time to upset the established order, change the rules, the teams, add bonuses or malus.

There will be a before and after for your teams!

Theme: Card game, sales training - responding to objections

Duration: between 1H30 and 2H

Participants: From 4 to 10 people (more than 10, several groups can be formed)

Location: Within your company. Or at your seminar venue.

Equipment required: a room, a table and as many chairs as there are participants

Location: Bordeaux/Gironde (and everywhere in France)

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