Chronos Arena: 4-game mobile tournament Group activity


We are far from the Romans and their circus games, but the principle remains the same. The "Chronos arena" is composed of several games, the aim of which is to defeat one's opponents in order to become the champion of the evening and be entered in the Pantheon.

When entering the arena, each player receives an identification card with a QR code. This card is important because it allows the scores of its holder to be recorded. Everything is digitised, the scores are processed instantly by a point system in order to have an updated general ranking after each confrontation.

Alone or in a team. Several characteristics will be highlighted and the Force is not one of them.

Logic, speed, calm and reflection.

The 4 games:

Buzz Wire: The aim is to guide a metal ring, using a handle, through a maze, also made of metal, without touching it until the end. To spice up the challenge, 4 players compete at the same time and each player is timed.

Chaos: The goal is to extinguish 100 buzzers of the colour you have chosen in less than 60 seconds. The buzzers are placed on a table and can accommodate 4 players at the same time. Each buzzer turned off is counted as 1 point, and the first player to reach 100 wins the game.

Ballstorm: Enter a plexiglass booth and face the storm. Catch as many balls as possible within 30 seconds. The cabin is equipped with a blower that sends the foam balls in all directions. There is no technique for catching them all, but maybe you can!

Vault: Can you unlock the vault? The player has 30 seconds to unlock the 5 sections of the lock and open the safe. To move on to the next section, the player must stop a white light cursor in the red light areas otherwise the section will remain blocked. 4 levels of difficulty.

The animation ends with a prize-giving ceremony to reward the best players of the evening. For this moment of triumph, a podium is set up to welcome the winning trio with a standing ovation and reward them with extraordinary gifts.

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