Creative workshops for children: collage, pebbles, puppets, land art... Group activity


Take part in well-being and creativity workshops for children, in Reunion Island!

Nolwenn, art-pedagogue®, trainer and body psychology practitioner, offers workshops accessible to all. In a caring and reassuring environment, discover original and playful workshops.

Several workshops to choose from: Printing workshop for children

Printing techniques make it easy to create creations that are rewarding for children. Finger tracing, homemade stamps, ink and shaving foam, paint and balloons or homemade scratch cards, there are many ways to create while playing with the material. A sensory and playful discovery.

Happy art

Personal development is not just for grown-ups!

Art is a tool that children can easily grasp. It is an excellent way to express themselves in ways other than words. Because it is never too early to learn about yourself, happy art is a support for the development of softskills (pro-social skills) such as emotional management, communication, stress management and of course creativity.

Recovering bricks and mortar - The zero waste workshop

Long live zero waste!

There are so many things to imagine from the objects we have at home to recycle: toilet paper rolls, egg boxes, yoghurt pots, glass bottles, corks or plastic caps, empty shampoo bottles, old magazines, cardboard... Children will give a second life to these objects for their greatest pleasure!

Origami mobiles

Rabbits, cranes, fish... Ideas for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day or just to decorate your room.

Origami mobiles on driftwood can also be made from recycled paper.


What about 3D statues?

Made from cardboard, wire mesh, bottles, newspaper and other materials, these light statues can be made in groups or individually.

This workshop requires several sessions.


What if we invented a story? Build a puppet and then give it life, invent a name for it, a story and why not write a scenario and act it out? The children will give free rein to their imagination. There is always a bit of yourself in a puppet.

This workshop may take several sessions.

Woven mandalas

The weaving activities invite a time of centering and encourage concentration. They can be transformed into mobiles and make beautiful decorations to hang indoors or outdoors.

Land art

Nature and its treasures. An ecological art to be experienced in a natural environment with what nature offers. Create a mandala or a drawing from pieces of wood, leaves, seeds and let your creativity run free.

Painted pebbles

Accessible to all ages, pebbles can be painted with poscas or acrylics, from the very simple to the most elaborate with dot point techniques.


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