Criminal investigation in the heart of Paris Group activity


Welcome to the first life-size criminal investigation in Paris. For more than 2 hours, follow the tracks of the Metteur en Scène, a serial killer who replaces the bodies of his victims with shop window mannequins. All you have to do is believe it.

Synopsis: "Paris, an autumn evening. The rain and the wind whip your face. In the distance, you hear the rumbling of the Rue Ordener. You had just been given a description: black hair, yellow oilcloth, strange walk. He is there, sitting alone on a bench. Suddenly he stands up. Your mobile rings: "Follow him, see what you can get out of him. "

The guy wanders aimlessly for a few minutes before entering a building. This is your chance to catch him. You follow him carefully. inside, a dim glow barely cuts through what looks like an abandoned shop. A smell of alcohol and wet dog fills the room. Not a soul in sight, or so it seems. "

The exact address will be revealed at the time of booking. 90% of the experience is indoors.

The experience lasts 2 hours but can accommodate several groups with a departure every hour.

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