Culinary Team Building in a cooking workshop in Paris Group activity


In a real Parisian cooking workshop, enjoy a culinary team-building activity based around a fun and immersive cooking class.

3 workshops to choose from :

  • Culinary Challenge "Mystery Basket" - 10 to 45 people

Duration: 2-hour workshop followed by a 1.5-hour tasting session.

Divided into teams, make 2 recipes in 2 hours top time using a mystery basket of seasonal produce.

Each team has 3 jokers to ask the chef-coach for help.

Based on an evaluation grid, the chef-coach marks the quality of the dishes prepared and the organisation of the brigades. The best team will be rewarded with a gourmet surprise.


- Launch of the challenge: Divided into 2 or 3 teams, the participants are welcomed into the kitchen by the chef-coach, who presents them with the basket of mystery ingredients.

- Brainstorming: It's up to your team to come up with 2 recipes using these ingredients. Don't panic, the chef is there to keep you away from ratatouille or crumble (too easy!).

- Preparation: Like a kitchen brigade, work together to make the 2 recipes in the allotted time. You'll have 3 jokers so you can ask the chef for help. Be careful not to use them too quickly! In the meantime, the Chef will prepare a delicious seasonal starter.

- Tasting: The time has come for each team to taste their own creations, accompanied by a bottle of wine for 3 people. Based on an evaluation grid, the chef will mark the quality of the dishes prepared and the organisation of the brigades.

- Debriefing and prize-giving: At the end of the workshop, the chef names the winning team. They will receive a small surprise as a reward.

  • Team cooking - 10 to 45 people

Duration: 2-hour workshop followed by a 1.5-hour tasting session.

Team Cooking is the ideal way to strengthen ties with your colleagues. Whether in the kitchen or in the patisserie, this is a great way to share your culinary delights and expertise.

Work together as a brigade to prepare your lunch, snack or dinner.

a la carte? You'll be able to choose from a range of menus using locally sourced, seasonal produce.

Team Cooking options: Bistronomic / A foretaste of the festive season / Holidays in Lapland / Veggie, solidarity and zero waste / Italian


- Welcoming the gourmets : Ingredients, utensils and aprons are waiting for you in a private kitchen. Your Chef will introduce himself and show you the recipes you will be preparing.

- Preparing the dishes: Like a kitchen brigade, work together to create a seasonal starter, main course and dessert. It's an unforgettable moment in your team's life, combining good food, sharing and expertise.

- Tasting: With a carefully chosen wine (1 bottle for 3 people). Still and sparkling waters will also be available, so it's time to enjoy the fruits of your collective efforts.

- End of the workshop: Coffee, tea or herbal tea will be served to round off the event. The recipes will be e-mailed to you at the end of the event.

  • Parcours Gourmand - Multi-workshop tastings and cookery classes - 45 to 100 people

The Gourmet Trail is the ideal formula for large groups.

Alternate culinary workshops and complementary activities of your choice. In teams, guests take part successively in 2 to 4 activities to choose from :






TEAM COOKING: Like a brigade, certain groups will work together to create a sweet and savoury buffet. A highlight in the life of your team, combining good food, sharing and expertise.

The other groups will enjoy a tasting session with an expert and develop their knowledge of a gourmet product.

Groups alternate between cooking/pastry-making workshops and tastings over the course of 2 hours.

Choice of 2 to 4 activities depending on the number of participants (if more than 80 people: 4 workshops, if 45 to 60 people: 2 workshops)

Find out more about this specific workshop here!

3 POSSIBLE WORKSHOPS (with the possibility of organising a seminar!)

BASTILLE - LABO - 31, rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris

Capacity 32 people + 1 LAB for 18 people

1 courtyard kitchen - 28m² - 18 people

1 street-side kitchen - 40m² - 32 people

BASTILLE SUR COUR - 40, rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris

1 U-shaped kitchen - 45m² - 12 people

1 kitchen under the veranda - 45m² - 20 people

BEAUBOURG - 10, rue du Bourg l'Abbé, 75003 Paris

1 large kitchen + 1 small kitchen - 125m² - 45 people

1 vaulted cellar - 50m² - 20 people


Full breakfast

Coffee / tea / still and sparkling water breaks


Seasonal tasting board

Our commitments :

Thoughtful recipes

- We choose fresh seasonal produce and favour low-carbon products as much as possible.

- The solidarity menu is designed to combat food insecurity locally, in partnership with local associations.

- Our cookery classes can accommodate special dietary requirements for whatever reason (health, beliefs, religion), so that your event respects your team in all its diversity.

Everyday gestures

- Fruit, vegetables and fish are delivered in reusable crates rather than cardboard boxes.

- Glass water bottles filled by Castalie filtered water fountains.

- Elimination of disposable cups, replaced by melamine cups.

- Bio-waste is composted and recycled by Les Alchimistes.

- Natural cleaning products

Rigorous suppliers

- Organic and local fruit and vegetables from Comptoir des Producteurs

- Organic eggs direct from the Mont St-Père farm

- Esperanza organic and fair trade coffee beans and Kodama organic tea

- 100% French meat and fish from sustainable fisheries

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