DJ initiation workshop + Blind Test or Karaoke Group activity


In the shoes of a DJ, come and discover this practice through an initiation workshop.

Then prolong the pleasure around a playful and musical activity: Blind Test or Karaoke!

Course: 3 hours of initiation

1h: A first theoretical part on the history of Deejaying, on anecdotes etc.

A second practical part :

1h: Discovery of Deejaying,

1h: Advanced use of the turntable (as an instrument): Scratch + Pass Pass: Learn how to scratch for your Dj Sets or improvise with our unique method.

Then it's time for your own fun activity:

- BLIND TEST: Alone or in a team, find the title of the song or the credits as quickly as possible and leave with numerous prizes and a new musical culture.

- KARAOKE: Unveil your talent as an artist! By choosing from a vast catalogue of French and international songs, the participants will have to contribute to a warm atmosphere by sharing their favourite songs.

At the venue of your choice.

Anywhere in France.

For more than 10 years, Kaith Skool has been recognised for the quality of its training in Mix, Scratch, Video-Mix, Digital-Mix and M.A.O (Computer Assisted Music).

The trainers are all working professionals with numerous references. They have pooled their knowledge and skills to create complete programmes that are perfectly adapted to the market and to your expectations.

Our training courses are aimed at everyone, whether you are a beginner, self-taught or wishing to become a professional.

Our premises and our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities.

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75001 Paris

Our partner

Kaith School

Ecole de DJ proposant des initiations au DJing. En immersion dans la peau d'un DJ.

Depuis plus de 10 ans, Kaith Skool est reconnue pour la qualité de ses formations en Mix, Scratch, Video-Mix, Digital-Mix et M.A.O (Musique Assistée par Ordinateur). 

Les formateurs sont tous des professionnels en activité avec de nombreuses références. Ils ont mis leurs connaissances et compétences en commun pour créer des programmes complets parfaitement adaptés au marché et à vos attentes.

Nos formations s'adressent à tous que vous soyez débutant, autodidacte ou en souhait de professionnalisation.

Nos locaux et nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicaps.

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